Good Runs today!

This morning we were kid-free, thanks to some very generous grandparents!  So what exciting things did we decide to do with our freedom?  Put the car in the shop and head out shopping!  WoooHOoo!  What exciting lives we lead!

Well, it did turn out to be a good day.  We made three stops today.  First to Target, to check out 90% off Halloween clearance, get in on the Kellogg’s cereal deal (last day) and try out the Glade deal.  Second we hit Meijer, only 1/2 a mile from Target, and got 24 boxes of Jello for free!  Third, we had another hour to kill so we headed out to Kroger, to take advantage (again) of the big sale this week.

Below are a few shots of our haul.  I’ll break it down below.  Our total Out of Pocket?  $24.xx

I got:

  • 10 Powerades (20 oz)
  • 20 Vitamin Waters
  • 5 Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats
  • 5 Betty Crocker cookie mixes
  • 9 Cottonelle
  • 10 boxes Hefty quart zip bags
  • 10 Hefty gallon zip bags
  • 6 Old Fashioned Quaker Oats
  • 24 Cherry Jello
  • 4 Glade Vanilla Oil plug in warmers
  • 5 Domino Sugar 5 lb bag
  • 4 Fruit by the Foot boxes
  • 3 boxes Saltines
  • 2 TGI Friday’s snacks
  • 1 Dale Jr NASCAR Halloween costume (normally $20, it was .99 cents on clearance!)
  • 1 set glitter wings (normally $10, it was .99 on clearance!)

That totals $236.xx before coupons, sales and clearance specials.  My out of pocket?  $24.xx.  Plus I earned $12 in OYNO cats at Meijer, $10 in gift cards at Target and another $15 in gift cards at Kroger!  Plus the two costume items will make great Christmas gifts!

I did split the Kroger deals into three transactions, and I want to thank the Union store for being so friendly about it!

If you want to know about the coupons, look through my posts below about Kroger and Target sales!  The Jello deal ends today…and the printable coupon is off Meijer’s website now, so I can’t link you guys to it.  Sorry!

Wanna be a Coupon Queen too?

Yes, its that time again!  Time for another Coupon Class!  Come learn all of my secrets….really, I try to give you all the same knowledge and skills I have!  You too can be a Coupon Queen!

The class this time is in downtown, at the Enquirer building on November 22nd from 9 am to 3 pm.  We will take a break for lunch in the middle.  The class is $10 and includes the 30 page Guide to Savings that I’ve written.  We’ll walk step by step through the process of planning and using coupons to save big money!  I’ll teach you all of the secrets of coupon queens!

You can register for the class online, or wait and register at the door.

If you’ve taken the class before, can you leave comments below to help newcomers know what to expect and whether or not this helped you?  What kind of things did you learn and have you had success doing them?


I have $10, what do I buy?

For more details on the Kroger sale, see the post below.  I’m simply summarizing since I went into details earlier.

10 Boxes of General Mills Cereals          $5

10 Powerades                                             Free plus $5 bonus

10 Vitamin Waters                                    Free plus $5 bonus

1 $10 Gift Card                                           $10

(or get $10 worth of items you would like to get for free!)

Total bc:  $50

Total ac:  $5

The orders are broken into two because Kroger rules limit you to 3 $5 discounts per transaction.

10 Bic Shavers                                            Free

10 Domino Sugars                                      $5

10 Vitamin Waters or Powerades            Free plus $5bonus

Total bc:  $60

Total ac:  $5!!!

That’s 60 items for $10!  Both transactions together total $110 before coupons (bc) and only $10 after–but notice you walk out with a $10 gift card as well! By the way, did you ever think you’d get 10 2lb bags of sugar for only $5?  What about 10 boxes of General Mills cereals for only $5?  We do it all the time round here!

Couple of things….first, please don’t go in and buy 20 boxes of cereal in one shop.  That’s not nice to the store or to the customers.  Other customers come in to get the deal and can’t find what they want, which makes them mad at the store.  If you want to buy 20 boxes, speak with the customer service.  They can often special order them from the warehouse, which gets you the sale price (you can sometimes prepay) and the store gets to keep supplies on the shelves.  Second, this is a mix and match deal, but invariably an item gets missed by the register.  Pay close attention to shelf tags and make sure you are getting the right size and product.  Check your receipt BEFORE leaving the store, and make sure you got credit.  Its a great sale, and most of the time things run smoothly.  But I always plan on an extra 20 minutes for checkout–just in case.  That $5 is often worth fighting for!

Last, all of the participating items will show up on your receipt with a + sign next to them, to make them easier to identify!

General Mills $2 each – various coupons doubling to $1 – .50 B10G$5 deal = .50 each

Coupons here, here, here,  here, and here.

Advil $2.50 – $1 printable- .50 B10G$5 deal = $1 each

Bic Shavers   $2.50 – $2/1 (10/12 SS) – .50 B10G$5 = FREE!

Domino Sugar $2.50 – .50/1 – .50 B10G$5 = $1 each or use .30/1 for $1.20 each

Vitamin Water $1 – .50/1 – .50 B10G$5 = FREE plus .50 overage!  (coupons on ebay)

Powerade $1 -$1 coupon – .50 B10G$5 = Free plus .50 overage!

Let’s go Krogering!

It’s quite the week at Kroger!  The Buy 10 get $5 off your Order is back!  And there are some GREAT deals this week!

I’m still putting the deals together…you can check for a full breakdown of sale prices…but I’ll be back soon with the best of the best.  I’m guessing its going to be one heck of a $10 list this week!

Keep in mind that on all of the deals below, if you buy any of them in multiples of ten, you automatically get $5 off your order–making several items cheaper.  You can mix and match to make 10–so for math purposes, my planning includes .50 off each item.

General Mills $2 each – various coupons doubling to $1 – .50 B10G$5 deal = .50 each

Coupons here, here, here,  here, and here.

Advil $2.50 – $1 printable- .50 B10G$5 deal = $1 each

Bic Shavers   $2.50 – $2/1 (10/12 SS) – .50 B10G$5 = FREE!

Domino Sugar $2.50 – .50/1 – .50 B10G$5 = $1 each or use .30/1 for $1.20 each

Vitamin Water $1 – .50/1 – .50 B10G$5 = FREE plus .50 overage!  (coupons on ebay)

Powerade $1 -$1 coupon – .50 B10G$5 = Free plus .50 overage!

Other Rebates while you shop for Christmas!

Beyond the Amazon rebate program, don’t forget about some other great rebate programs!

Ebates will give you a percentage of your purchase back!  The $10 enrollment bonus ends tonight…but you can still get great rebates on items you’re already purchasing! After tonight it will be back to a $5 bonus.

BigCrumbs gives you money back on Ebay purchases (and other stores.)  Great for all those q’s you’re buying!

Microsoft Live! search will give you up to 35% back on purchases you make through their search engine.  This includes items from Ebay.  There are two ways to do it and get your rebate–either go to Microsoft Live Search and type in the product you want to buy…up will pop the results with the rebate banner under them.  Items without the rebate banner do not qualify.  If however nothing you want pops up with the banner, here’s another option:  Go to Live and search for a Wii.  Up will pop the Ebay Wii with the LiveSearch cashback button.  Click on it.  Go to ebay search, and search for the item you want to buy.  There should be a CashBack symbol either in the listing or in the Buy it Now screen.  Purchase it and pay for it with paypal–and you’ll get an email from Microsoft Live in a few hours describing the rebate process.  I earned $44 on my purchases and had it deposited straight into my Paypal account.  You MUST use Buy it Now on ebay and you will have to wait 60 days to get your rebate–to make sure you don’t return the item.  However, it does work.  The cashback amount varies from 15% to 35% depending on how often the links are being clicked.  Right now its at 35%!!!

Amazon Toy Deal

Stick with me…this one works!

Purchase $25 worth of toys from Amazon in one order. (Even better, pick ones that qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping.) Now, when you place your order, you will be offered (via email) a free 24 month subscription to Cookie magazine. Decline it and ask for the cash value instead. They will mail you a check for $15. Essentially, a rebate! So….$25 worth of toys at Amazon, for $10!! And free shipping if you play your cards right! Look for the Cookie magazine icon is toy listings to make sure its part of the offer.

Christmas shopping, anyone?


UPDATE: I want to add some deals I'm finding, as this looks to be one of those great Amazon holiday deals!

There are lots of toys on sale right now. Almost every toy I'm looking at has the Cookie logo on it, meaning they qualify for the deal. But if you're smart you can maximize this deal. For example, Lego Bionicles are featured Buy 2 get 1 free--they qualify for the Cookie $15 rebate AND Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25! Hasbro is running a deal on get a Mr Potato Head Free WYB participating products. Well, I see a Tonka Toughest Truck on sale for $28--it comes with the free shipping, the free Mr Potato Head, AND the $15 Cookie rebate deal! I'm going to keep looking and come back and post what I find!

Let me also add this from Amazon's website, on how to get the rebate.  (BTW, Amazon does these rebate/subscriptions all the time--its not a new tactic.)  As you shop you can see the details of the offer, but here's the fine print on the rebate itself:

Offer & Refund detailsTo take advantage of this promotion, simply respond as instructed above. If you are a new subscriber, you will receive your first issue in 6-8 weeks. If you already subscribe to Cookie, 24 months will be added to your current subscription. If you do not wish to take advantage of the offer, do no not fill out the form.

At the end of the subscription period, you will have the option to renew your subscription, or do nothing and allow your subscription to end.

Offer valid for US subscribers only. Limit one subscription per customer. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your first issue.

If you would like a rebate for your 20-issue subscription (a $15.00 value) as part of your purchase, mail a completed copy of the subscription form below with a copy of your order confirmation within 30 days, to: Amazon Special Offer, PO Box 37722, Boone, IA 50037-0722.


Street Address:________________________



Zip Code:____________

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Cheap Kellogg’s cereals!

Next week, Nov 2-8, Target will have select Kellogg’s cereal on sale for $2.75 each.  Not the best price, but with the $1 printable coupon, it makes them $1.75 each.  Again, not great, but when you buy 5 you get a $5 gift card instantly!  (Heads up to the woman who was asking about cereal deals at Barnes and Noble!) This is posted on a couple of message boards–I’ve not seen the ad myself, but several people are confirming it.  Reportedly included cereals are:  Smart Start 17.5oz, Cocoa Krispies 16.5oz, Special K with Red Berries 12oz, Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry Delight 16.3oz, and Frosted Flakes Gold 16.9oz.  BTW, several sites are reporting the printable prints as many as 6 times!!

  • Buy:
  • 5 boxes Kellogg’s cereals       $13. 75
  • Use:
  • 5 $1 IP’s
  • Pay:  $8.75 oop
  • get:  $5 gc in return

Turn around, do it again, and use the gc to pay for this order.  Your total will be $3.75 for 5 boxes of Kellogg’s!   That works out to be $1.25 each for 10 boxes.  Plus you have $5 in Gift Cards from the second run!

Now, the deal hunter in me can’t wait to see the ad.  I’m wondering if it says ANY Kellogg’s (which is what they are posting it says) cereals, then will the single serving size work?  Hmmmm….Not that I need any more cereal!

Maintenance today

I’m doing a little basic maintenance on my sites today.  Today my hosting contract with one provider ends, so should go down at some point today for a few days while I get things tranferred over to my new host.  (The new host should run faster and has a lot more options!)  Until then you can find all the same information from over at

I’m also working on cleaning up old, dead links here and adding some new blogs and websites to my blogroll.  So pardon the mess….I’ll have it tidied up in no time!