Black Friday

Right now I’m researching for a story I’m helping with for WLWT Channel 5 tonight with Michelle Hopkins.  (I love her!  She is as nice in person as she appears on tv!)  I’m finding a few good Black Friday deals–mostly at Target and Walmart–which we’ll talk about tonight in the story.

Anyway, while looking, I’m coming across some decent deals that are going on right now.  I’m going to cut and paste them as I find them.

My first tip is that anything Target has on sale Friday is eligible for a price adjustment.  Meaning, you can purchase it today for full price and take your receipt in on Friday and get your money back!  This saves so much hassle in making sure you’re the right place at the right time!

Okay, I see on Target’s website that they have Monopoly the Disney Pixar edition on clearance for $7.99.  This is a GREAT deal if you have younger ones who love Pixar movies like Nemo, Cars, the Incredibles or Ratatouille, to name a few.  The game pieces are their favorite characters, (I love being Buzz Lightyear!) the spaces are bits from the movie.  Also, we have the normal Monopoly at home, and the Pixar one–and the Pixar one uses more realistic amounts of money, making it easier for younger heads to understand money and play the game.  The difference between 5 million and 500 dollars is huge!  If you can happen to find it at the store–there’s a $5 off 1 Monopoly game coupon in the Toy Catalog, available at or in stores in the toy department!  Hurry the Toy q’s expire 11/26!

Also, on Cyber Monday (or any other online shopping you’re doing) don’t forget to use EbatesEbates will give you a $10 bonus for signing up, and they’ll give your money back on purchases you’re already making!  I just got a check for $68 from Ebates last week!

–Right now Office Max has a 22″ LCD monitor for $150, shipped!  Great deal! And if you use Ebates, you’ll get a 4% rebate!

–Meijer will have Gallon milk for .99 on Thanksgiving!!!  Woohoo!!  Clean out the freezers and STOCK UP!–I’m reading this on a message board but have no confirmation, so double check before you go.  Lots of BOGO and .99 items on Thursday!

Freebies at CVS

I’m beginning to peruse Black Friday ads… (I know, I’m way behind, but I’m not the camp out at 4 am kind) and I’m noticing lots of freebies at CVS after ECB’s.

Bic Soleil Razor $5.99 with $5.99 ECB’s.  Looks like there’s a $3 q from 11/2 as well.  Means its a $3 moneymaker.

Garnier Nutritioniste towelettes $5.99 with $5.99 ECB’s.  $1/1 from from the paper.  Its a $1 moneymaker.

Maybelline Mineral Power liquid foundation $8.99 with $8.99 in ECB’s.  $3/1 coupon from paper, means its a $3 moneymaker.

Various Hersheys King Size candy bars, $1 with $1 ECB’s.  Use recent q to get Special Dark bar free as well!

Gatorade G2 1.49 with $1.49 ECB.

Johnsons Softlotion $5.99 with $5.99 ECB.

See other deals here.

Savings and Reminders

Just a reminder that my last class this year is this weekend, Saturday November 22nd at the Enquirer building downtown, from 9-3.  This is my class where I teach you everything I know–or as much as I can without making your head explode!  You can find more information or register here.  You can also register at the door.  We’ll be at 312 Elm on the 20th floor.  Cost is $10, and includes the 30 page Guide to Savings!  I’ve gotten really good feedback on the classes.  This weekend I met a woman who attended the Grant County class and saved $100 her first trip to the store!

If you’ve been to my classes, just a reminder that you can always email me at Littlemissknowitall at contentquake dot com, or find me over at MomslikeMe, where I’ve created a discussion group for you to ask questions and chit chat.

I won’t be doing any more talks or classes this year, as I’m taking some time off teaching to enjoy the holidays with my family.  But I’ve already booked several for early next year.  If your group would like for me to come speak, please email me and I’ll try to get it on the schedule.  So many people are hurting now–I’d really like to help as many people learn how to save as I can!

Now…on to the good stuff!  Some new savings offers and some oldies but goodies in case you missed them!

Enfamil offers a free gift for nursing mothers.

Entertainment Book offers $5 off and Free Shipping on all 2009 Books.  I use the Entertainment Book all the time–I love getting two meals for the price of one!

Betty Crocker offers a Savings Book with $10 in coupons inside!

Free Sample of Chex Turtle Chex Mix Bars

Hallmark is offering a chance at $2500 when you create a Mother’s or Father’s Day card on their website.  Its a little early, but there’s a chance your card will be produced for everyone to see and buy in your local stores!


Some of my favorites this week….

Well, this week looks like a light week on deals, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good ones!

Over at Meijer I see free Green Giant Steamers, 10/10 with a $1 coupon from the paper–its FREE!

Over at Kroger I see Birdseye Steamfresh, 10/10 with a .35/1 coupon from the paper–.30/each!

Over at Target I see Stove Top Stuffing for .79 each, with a Buy 4 Get 1 Free q on tearpads at Krogers and other stores! (brings it to about .60 a box, a good deal for the rest of the year!)

Over at CVS I see cheap batteries–and with Christmas approaching, who doesn’t need cheap batteries?  Buy $20 of Duracell get $15 in ECB’s.  Use the .75 or $1.50/1 q’s from the paper.  If you can, look for tearpads of $5/2 CVS q’s, along with a $3/$15 purchase in your area.  (The $1.50 q’s were outside the Cincinnati region)  If you can get all three q’s, you’ve got $12 in savings–meaning your OOP on $20 of batteries will be close to $8 and you’ll get $15 back in ECB’s!  And you can do this three times!!! (Thanks to April for her help with the deal!)

Also at CVS–Kashi Go Lean bars for $1 with $2 printable–free!

So my $10 list looks like this…

11 bags Green Giant Steamfresh–free!

6 bags Steamfresh–$1.80

9-12 pkgs Duracell–$8

2 Kashi Go Lean–free!

$14 in filler at CVS–milk, bread, whatever you need!

total oop:  $9.80

I’m including in this scenario that you are taking the $15 in ECB’s from your first Duracell transaction to pay for a second one, plus $7 in filler, and doing that twice.  Make sense?  Buy $20 of Duracell in your first transaction, pay $8 oop, then go back and get $20 more, and use the ECB to pay for them.  Since its only $8 oop, you’ll have $7 to spend on other items you need!


Today KP left a wonderful comment under ‘Taking a Break.’  I just wanted to give her, and many others of you, a sincere and heartfelt pat on the back.  Many, many of you are in hard times right now, and you’ve taken steps to make it better!  There are more than 3,000 people a day on this site–a true testament to just how hard it is out there right now.

I also want to say that stockpiling and coupons really do work.  Today I’ve spent the day moving my stockpile into larger digs.  My wonderful husband cleaned out a closet filled with toys and built me new shelves for our stockpile.  As I move all of this stuff in, I shake my head in wonder and amazement that we’ve accumulated this much for our family.  I won’t give exact amounts, but I will say that we are a family of four living on well less than than the median income for the nation, which sits at about $65,000 a year.  When we started this, I’d lost my work from home job, and we had no idea of how we were going to afford groceries.  Now?  Now I easily have 6 months to a year’s worth of food stored, I give away food and goods like crazy, and we have more money in our bank account than before I started!  Things aren’t perfect, as life never is, but in reality we are doing very, very well.  God has richly blessed us this year.  My prayer is that he blesses each and every one of you as much as he’s blessed us, and a measure more.

KP’s story isn’t the first I’ve heard of people coming out from under huge debt with coupons.  I know women who were in foreclosure and using food banks to survive–who now are current on their mortgage and are GIVING to food banks!  I know women who were working two jobs to survive, and are now down to one.  I know men who spent every day agonizing over every penny, who now are able to take short trips and relax about finances.  It doesn’t always have to be so tough!

I teach another class this weekend.  I love teaching what I know–because this is not meant for only a few.  Anyone, yes you too, can be a coupon queen!!

Help Wanted

Hey Guys!  I need some help!  This web stuff is soooo way over my head!  Anyone willing to volunteer to help me with my website (not the blog–but  I know what I want to build, but I’m having trouble activating it with my current host.  Its a good host, but I’m not ‘getting it.’  The page is ready to go, I just need something turned on and installed, basically.

I also need some help with graphic design.  If you are studying graphic design or do it on the side, I need your help!  I have a small amount of money I can use to pay someone to help me with a few small things….

If you’re interested in helping, email me at Littlemissknowitall at Contentquake dot com.


Ode to Kroger

Okay, so well, I’m not very good at poetry.  But if I was, I would definitely be writing one to sing my love to Kroger!  These past two weeks at Kroger have been some of the best deals in a long, long time!  Yesterday, after my conference was over, I rounded up all the coupons I had left for the Mega Deal and headed to my favorite Kroger–in Union.  Before I left I separated all of my q’s into separate envelopes by transactions and total amounts.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had enough q’s left for 10 transactions!  10 transactions of 30 items!  I planned on heading to 3-4 stores to do that many, but when I got to Union, not only were they FULLY STOCKED on the last day of a sale (virtually unheard of!), but they encouraged me to stay and do all of my transactions there!  There was no eye-rolling at my coupons, no huffing and puffing or insinuating that I was trying to pull one over on the store.  No, every employee there was kind, friendly, and helpfull.  I did eight transactions there–filling my cart twice before leaving.  At one point I even noticed that they were moving the Steamfresh veggies to an endcap freezer, so I asked the mgr if they were going to be on sale this week.  He not only told me Yes, but he went and pulled his book so that he could tell me the price!  (10/10, BTW.  making them .30 each after the recent .35/1 q!)

I then headed over to Burlington, where again, the staff was very friendly.  I did two more transactions.  And these experiences yesterday were representative of every transaction I’ve had during these two weeks at Kroger.  Early last week I was checking out, and the cashier–normally the Customer Service Mgr–felt my final total after coupons was too high.  Before he handed me my receipt, he took it himself to double check he’d scanned my coupons properly and enough times!  When I had more than two transactions, I approached the cashier mgr to find out where I should check out to avoid delaying other customers.  They opened a separate line just for me, and were friendly and laughing with me–not treating me like a pain, as many other stores would do.  Is it any wonder why I love Kroger?

All in all, during the past two weeks’ sales I’ve easily stockpiled more than 600 items, and I’ve spent less than $30 doing it.  My Vitamin Water coupons that I’d bought off Ebay a month ago and held onto for just the right sale–those helped immensely, giving me an extra $5 to use towards other items on each transaction.  The same for the Powerade q’s.  I walked out with $20 in gift cards at the end!

I’m still getting caught up on deals after my weekend off–so I’ll be back later to post deals.  I do know there are a few good ones over at CVS!

Also, take a sec and vote for me over at a popularity contest, will ya?  Its for a free Wii….something we’d really love to have around here, but I’m just too frugal to splurge on one! Click on the ‘vote’ box next to my name. Most votes wins….  (While you’re there, consider voting for my pal Andrea from Mommysnacks!  You can vote for both of us!)

Taking a Break

Every once in a while, we all need to take a break.

I’m doing that this weekend.  I’ve been in a spate of speaking at groups and teaching classes, and have three more coming up next week.  I love coupons, and I love all the wonderful women I’ve met.  But I’m going to enjoy a good break this weekend!

This weekend I’ll be at the Current Conference in Cincinnati–enjoying some peace and quiet in a hotel, and soaking in the presence of the Lord.  I’ve been looking forward to this weekend since March–so I’m really excited!

You won’t see any deals or posts from me this weekend.  I apologize if I leave anyone in the lurch.  Make sure to check out SavingCentral for current deals and current articles on great ways to save money.  I’ll be back on Monday.  Until then, have a blessed weekend!!

Couple of Quick deals I’ve seen

I’m teaching tonight at the Florence MOPS at the Vineyard Church, so I haven’t had much time to look at deals or prepare a $10 list.  I will try to get to it by tomorrow.  However, I thought I’d post some of the deals that popped out at me….

If you’re sitting on a raincheck for the Celestial Seasonings teas from a couple weeks ago at Kroger, there was a new coupon in yesterdays paper that makes them free!  The sale was on $1 boxes of Celestial Seasonings–the q is for .55/1 which doubles to $1!

The $1 off Kellogg’s cereals is good too–especially at CVS and Wags this week!  CVS has them 2/$4, so it makes them a $1 a box.  Wags has them 4/$10 with a $2 RR when you buy 4.  Buy 4, use 4 $1 q’s and get them 4/$6 with a $2 RR back.  Not bad on Frosted Mini Wheats and others!  Don’t forget there are printables about (in my Target blog down below) as well.  Oh, and at Wags, while you can use the $2 RR on other items, this is not something you can use towards more cereal and still get another RR back.  Wags instant rebates (the Register Rewards program) do not roll.

The Kroger Buy 10 get $5 off sale continues this week.  Free Oatmeal, free sponges, free lint rollers, free VitaminWater, free Powerade, free Pepperoni (for about another few hours until they fix the misprint), free Hefty bags, lots of frees this week!  And the cheaps are notable too!  Cheap sugar, yeast, condensed and evaporated milk, chocolate chips, fruit roll ups, cereal, and so much more!  Don’t miss this sale!

Sam is my Hero!

I don’t typically watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition too often.  I always enjoy it, but rarely have time.

Today, I paused the tv as I was talking with my son, and started it again and Extreme Makeover was on.  Sam, a coffee shop owner with Cerebal Palsy was talking about all the things he’s accomplished.  His incredible faith and his strong passion to help others.  I’m sitting here laughing with joy as I hear him talk about what he’s done, and tears at the same time as I see the way he’s overcome sooo much.  As a mom of a special needs child, it gives me such hope.  My son has hypotonia–the exact opposite of Cerebal Palsy.  CP is muscles that are too stiff and rigid.  Its Hypertonia.  Hypotonia is the opposite–loose, weak muscles that have trouble holding form.  I know the struggles and 5 years of physical therapy my son has gone through.  Seeing Sam the way that he is….all I can say is–Sam is my new Hero!!!!

If you haven’t seen this Extreme Makeover yet….you should.  Head over to to see it.