Free Shipping Thursday!

littlemissknowitallcontentquakecom_c7a3f270.jpgIn case you missed my post on it the other day, Free Shipping Thursday is today!  This is a last-minute attempt by the stores to get your business.  They guarantee Free Shipping and delivery in time for Christmas at over 200 online stores!  Read my post here to get details.

I’ve crossed out the section below while I get some clarification from Meijer Mealbox.  Long story short–the coupons are very badly worded.  I only glanced at them for a second and they looked right.  Only now upon further inspection, they are very odd.  Every other Meijer q is worded differently, keeping the amount needed to purchase far away from the size requirements–but these two have them right next to each other and it can really screw up interpretation.  And most of us know that with Meijer, we don’t need any more confusion thrown into the mix!  There’s a huge difference between$1 off Any 2 Marshmallows, 12 oz, and $1 off Any 2-12 oz Marshmallows.  Seems like semantics, but the second one can easily be read as buy one 2 oz marshmallow and get $1 off.  I suspect its the former, but until I hear back, I’m holding out hope for the great deal!

My friend Sarah emailed me yesterday to share a great deal she found at Meijer.  Free Cool Whip–Cool whip is on sale for .79 this week with a Mealbox q for $1/1.  Cheap marshmallows!  Great for those holiday desserts coming up next week!  Meijer Mealbox has printable coupons for $1/1 on marshmallows and the Jet Puff Marshmallows are $1.19.  Remember that Meijer will typically limit you to 6 of any like coupon per transaction, with Mealbox often adding in stricter restrictions.  Make sure to read that coupon and follow the rules….but enjoy some  goodies!  (That’s along with the free Green Giant Steamers this week at Meijer!)


My artscow orders arrived yesterday and today, and I’m very, very pleased!  If you remember they were the online company offering all kinds of photo freebies, you just pay shipping.

We ordered 8 20-page custom cover photo books, 4 photo puzzles, 10 ornaments, 2 sets of playing cards and various other photo gifts.  In all we ordered over 25 photo gifts, and we paid about $135 in shipping costs.  That included shipping three of the orders to other addresses–one in England.  $135 may sound like a lot, but when you consider that was gifts for  three sets of grandparents, two sets of great-grandparents, two uncles and a few extra gifts for ourselves and the kids?  I can’t imagine getting that many nice, personal gifts for that cheap!

With things that cheap, I was a little concerned about quality.  No more–the photos are gorgeous, the book is nicely bound and stitched (instead of glued, like many books, which fall apart easily), the ornaments are a smooth porcelain with nice photo printing and everything is of a good quality!

It did take 12 days for the gifts to arrive, but still, I consider that worth it!

If you want to know more about the deal specifics, and get codes to get these things for yourself, look at my post on it.

Last, they’ve offered up a new code.  Get 12 free photobooks with code 12xbooks.  You just pay $7.99 shipping on each!

Wednesday Roundup!

Found some decent deals today I wanted to share!

–Free Suave Lotion at Walmart.  Small bottles (larger than trial size, but not full size) is regularly .97 each–use the $1/1 from last weekend’s SmartSource to make them free!  A great stocking stuffer for teenage girls…

–Don’t forget to check out the Free Mineral Makeup in the Ongoing offers in the Righthand toolbar–great for you or as stocking stuffers!

–Free Redbox code today only at Walgreens!

–While you’re at Walmart, check out these deals:

Gillette Face and Body Wash (8.4 oz.)–$2
Use $2/1 coupon from 11/30 Proctor & Gamble insert
Free after coupon

Ziploc Big Bags–$3.42
Use $3/1 printable coupon
$0.42 after coupon

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls–$1.64
Use $1/1 printable
$0.64 after coupon

Progresso Chicken Broth–$1.98
Use $1.25/1 printable
$0.73 after coupon

Reynold’s Parchment Paper–$2.48
Use $1.75/1  printable
$0.73 after coupon

–Try Entertainment book q’s for free!  Go to this link, give them an email and a zip code, they’ll send you an email and you can print out four coupons to try out the service!

–Get $5 in Old Orchard Coupons by signing up here.

If you missed the 70% off deal over at over the weekend, never fear!  An even better one is here!

Use code SANTA to save 80% off certificates!  That means a $25 certificate to some great restaurants only costs $2!

Feed it Forward is still going on–the chance to send $10 gift certificates to all of your friends every day!  (And no, the two offers cannot be combined.)

And don’t miss my post over on on Free Shipping Thursday, when dozens of major online retailers will be offering great deals and Free Shipping before Christmas!

Quick look at next week’s deals

Running through the online ads and breakdowns, here’s what I see so far for next week….

Thanks to Andrea at Mommysnacks for Kroger, CVS and Wags breakdowns, and to Catalystic Converter for her posting of the ad over at MomsLikeMe!

At Meijer I see:

  • Eggos 2/$3, with a .75/1 coupon in this weekend’s paper.  That means Eggo’s for .50!
  • Free Green Giant Steamers!  .79 each with a $1/1 coupon from a few weeks ago!

At  Walgreens:

  •  Progresso Soups, .99 each with many q’s out there.  The most common, .50/2 or $1/4, makes the soups .75 each, the lowest price I’ve seen.  (It runs at that price every 4-6 weeks, but I’ve not seen lower.)  Here’s a printable for $1.10/1, making them free!!
  • CoffeMate $2.49 each, BOGO.  Use the $1/1 printable on each one and they’re only .25 each!


  • Maybelline is BOGO again.  Use the $4/1 from last weekend’s paper, and you could get free lipstick when you use one $4 q on each item!


I don’t see too terribly much.

  • If we get the .50/1 Cottonelle q this weekend, then there will be free toilet paper at Kroger.
  • 10/lb of potatoes for $2.49 is a good price!

Why I Do What I Do–And What You Can Do to Help

Some of you know this, but there are so many newcomers that I thought I’d share again.

I don’t write this blog to make myself famous or to raise money for myself.  I love you guys, and I love helping you, but its not my first priority.  No, I do this, teach the classes and sell the books–all to raise money for missions.  Guatemala and Mozambique, to be specific.  In the past I’ve used the money raised on this site to help fund 5 different mission trips.

But now we receive very disturbing reports from our people in Africa.  (I warn you that before you read further–these are not easy things to hear.)  Crops are failing and people are facing starvation at frightening rates.  These people who live with very little, now have absolutely nothing.  These are not lay-a-bouts.  These are people who planted crops–but a drought has descended and now the crops have failed.  Cholera is spreading through several countries and poisoning the water.  People have taken to eating unripe mangoes–which gives them diarrhea and adds to the malnutrition.

One church leader recently lost his two year old daughter to starvation.  One of our workers who works with babies has over 300 infants on her doorstep–most of which are starving, too weak to even cry.  They also report that the famine is spreading at such a rate that they are seeing horrific things.  Recently a man in a neighboring village was arrested for murdering his son and eating him–and trying to sell him as well.   I wish that wasn’t a one-time story, but it isn’t.  We’re hearing reports of that in multiple locations.

The price of staples has risen 5x in the past few months.  We’ve seen some of that here at home, but it doesn’t impact us as much as it does there.  They can’t even keep farm animals like chickens (eggs are a great source of protein) because the grain to feed them is too expensive.

This isn’t confined to one location.  This is happening over several countries in Eastern and Southern Africa.  We’re hearing reports of people with a little money left crossing borders to buy food in neighboring countries–which only removes what few resources were there for the locals and creates more discord between neighboring groups.  We can’t even disclose the exact location of our people–as if it was discovered they were getting help, there would be riots in the area over the food.  Yes, we’ve seen that in the past and are taking what steps we can to prevent it in the future.  Its that bad.

We are raising money right NOW to help.  If you’d like to donate, please contact me.  There are several ways you can help.  First, you can donate money outright. Second, you can purchase a copy of my book.  Third, you can sign up now for my next class in January–which will be in Clermont County.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of my book, you have three options.  You can purchase it in paperback form at for $18.95.  I make $10 from that purchase, and that full $10 will be donated to the Africa food drive.  You can purchase the ebook from as well, for $12.  This is the exact same format as the paperback, just in .pdf form.  As with the others, I make $10 from each purchase.  Or, you can purchase the exact same guide for $10 over at–the only difference is that it comes in a Word document.  I earn the full $10 and all $10 goes straight to Africa.

I will take all of the donations and purchases and forward them to my church, the Vineyard in Florence, for them to distribute to their parties in Africa to purchase food and supplies for the people there.  
Please, I know we all are seeing budgets stretched.  But if you can donate even $5, it will go soooo far there!

Fabulous Friday Finds!

First–this weekend looks to be a GREAT weekend for coupons.  If nothing else, Taylortown Preview reports that the .50 off ANY Cottonelle is back.  Meaning, if you live near a Kroger that doubles coupons, you’ve got free toilet paper!  (Cottonelle 4 pack is .99 everyday at Kroger.  The .50/1 q doubles to $1–making it free!)  If you don’t want to run out and buy 10 papers, try ordering them from Dede’s Coupon Clipping service on Sunday.

Second, head over to to see details on the deal for 70% off and a $15 gift certificate to a flower site!

Amazon Deals

 Cross posted over at

If you’re still looking for good gifts, Amazon is running some pretty great deals right now! I’ve written a series of blogs on some of my favorites. Here’s my list of great deals:

LittleMissKnowitAll’s Guide to Savings

It’s done!  I have it up for sale in paperback form over at  You can now purchase either a paperback version of the Coupon Guide for $18.99 or an e-book format for $12.  I used a self-publishing site so its not as pretty as I’d like, but its what I can do for now.  Meaning, it doesn’t have nice photos and graphics, but since I’m just a stay-at-home mom, I don’t really have a budget for those kinds of things.

Its 81 pages and includes all of the same information from the Coupon Class.  The book covers everything I know about being a Coupon Queen.  You can learn all of my tricks, all of my strategies and all the rules of the game.

As with the class I earn $10 from each book sold–and the profits from the book are funneled right back into ministry and missions.

I personally think this makes a great gift or stocking-stuffer–giving someone the gift of savings!

Goody-Goody Giveaways

One of the best parts about learning to shop for free and stockpiling is that I’ve gotten to be a lot more generous.  Where before I always wanted to be generous but had no resources for it, now I’m getting so many things for free that I can give away stuff in amounts I’d never dreamed of.

If you’ve been around this site for awhile you’ll know that while I love saving money, it is not the ultimate goal.  For me, its about helping others.  I like people who many would call “Goody-Goody.”  I think that’s a GOOD title!

So…thanks to a generous donor, I have some goodies for those of you who have been a Goody-Goody this holiday season!  I have rebates galore!

Rebates include:

  • $10 rebate on Fresh or Frozen Shrimp or a Shrimp Party Platter of $20 or more
  • $10 rebate on Holiday Gourmet Cheese and Crackers of $10 or more
  • $10 rebate on Holiday Groceries of $50 or more
  • $10 rebate on Holiday Plants or Flowers
  • $10 Convenience Store Gift Card on Fuel or Convenience store purchase of $30
  • $8 rebate on your purchase of Fire Starter Logs of $8 or more.
  • $25 rebate on Holiday Decorations  purchase of $148 or more
  • $15 rebate on a Deli Platter, Ham or Turkey purchase of $25 or more
  • $15 rebate on Deli items, Pizza or chicken purchase of $15 or more
  • $10 rebate on Salty Snacks, Ice, Charcoal, Propane, Condiments, Dips, Buns, Meat Snacks, Deli Sandwiches, Bottled Water or Pizza purchase of $10 or more.
  • $10 rebate on Fine Steak purchase of $10 or more.
  • $10 rebate on Fresh or Frozen Seafood purchase of $10 or more
  • $4 rebate on purchase or rental of two DVD’s with purchase/rental of $4 or more.

These are not brand or store specific–only that you purchase the items listed before 12/31.  They are valid only for KY residents.  Sorry OH and IN folks! (OH folks, read on, I have something for you below!)

So, just how do you get these rebates in your hands?  By donating food or a toy to a local food pantry or toy donation program.  Right now all local food pantries are taking a beating.  Many of them gave away all they had during the Wind Storm outages.  Now, the number of people needing help are at an all time high, while the donations are slowing down.  The goal is to get you donating!  The Vineyard Church in Florence takes donations for their food giveaway program–contact Becky at 859-689-0777 for details on items they need and when to drop off items.  The Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati and Dare to Care in Louisville both take food donations too!

Once you’ve made a donation, send me a self addressed stamped envelope letting me know what you’ve donated, where it was donated and which rebates you’d like to have.  I will include two rebate forms for each donation.  Since I have more of some than of others, they will be on a first come first serve basis.  Please let me know which two you are most interested in.  In case you don’t get your first two, can you also include another two you’d be interested in?  If you donate more than once, I only need one rebate form request–just let me know about what you’ve donated.  Even better–this is retroactive!  Any donations made since November 1st qualify!

For those of you in OH, I have coupons instead of rebate forms.

  • $2 off $5 or more Beef WYB one A1 Steak Sauce,  10 oz or larger  (I only have 3 of these!)
  • Hormel booklets with $8.25 in coupons, including:
    • .75/2 Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mixes
    • $1/2 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, 16 oz or larger
    • $1.50/2 KC Masterpiece Sauces, Marinades or Seasonings
    • $1.50/3 Hormel Chili cans, 15 oz
    • $2 off any Hormel Party Tray
    • $1.50/2 pkgs Hormel Pepperoni, 5 oz or larger

So, get donating!!!