Not Friday’s Freebies….Friday Cheapies!

Its been a slow week battling bronchitis and I’m sorry that I haven’t posted much lately on freebies.

One or two deals I will mention….
1.  Pepsi.  Pepsi seems to be popular!  Its on sale this week at
Walgreens and Target.  Target has it for $3 a twelve pack, buy $15 of
Pepsi get a $5 gift card.  If you’re a Dr Pepper fan, it gets better–
they have $1 off peelies on them, so you can get 5 12 packs of Dr
Pepper for $10, plus the $5 gift card.  Walgreens is a good deal too.
Go to and print out a coupon for Sierra Mist 2 liters–
buy one get one free.  Mine was out of the Sierra Mist and I was able
to use it on the Pepsi.  The ad this week shows them $4/4, but instore
signs said $3/4, so I got two Pepsi 2 liters for under .50 each.  Next
week they’ll be on sale at CVS, along with an Extra Bucks deal.
2.  Target has .75 off Kraft cheese coupons on their website.  (go to
the bottom of the site, under SuperTarget or Grocery coupons.)  They
also have Kraft cream cheese on sale for $1 a box.  Combine with
coupon and they’re only .25 a box.  There are manufacturer coupons out
there too, I believe .30/3, so that brings it down even further.
Oh, and those same .75 off q works on the individual string cheese
too–they adjust it down to the price of the cheese, but its still
free string cheese!  I’ve gotten 20 so far…and yes, I’m nuts to
print and clip 20 coupons for 20 free string cheeses!  But hey, you do
what ya gotta do to please the kids, don’t ya?  😉
I’ve taken the down time to learn CVS tricks, and they have some GREAT
tricks.  So expect more CVS deals in the future!
Last, do NOT shop at  Its been a nightmare.  Three times
now I’ve ordered things from them, only to have them email me THREE
WEEKS LATER and cancel the order cause its out of stock.  Only thing
is, they’re still selling it on their website.  Three times since late September.   I’m not the only one,
either.  Google it, and you’ll find there are thousands of unhappy
customers.  And their answer when you complain–nothing.  They’ve been
downright rude to many people I know.  Also, be careful when they
advertise “original price.”  Often its 30-40 percent higher than any
price they’ve ever sold it at.  Kohl’s is notorious for this
practice.  All in all, their stores are good, but their internet site
is terrible.  Avoid it!

Friday’s Freebies!

It’s been a rather slow week, as far as freebies are concerned. Stores have launched their Christmas barrage a couple of weeks early, due to the economic slowdown. We’re already seeing Black Friday type of prices in many stores. There have been a few excellent deals this week, so make sure to check out your local stores to see what you can find. And don’t forget to check Walmart, Target, Kmart and ToysRUs for their Toy Catalogs–there are usually great coupons inside!

As for coupons, don’t forget about the ones listed last week…Walgreens has a great deal on Wyeth products (Advil, Robitussin, etc) that includes free certificates to a local spa! And Target has Rold Gold pretzels on sale, which when combined with coupons brings them to FREE! And who doesn’t love free pretzels? If you missed last weeks Friday’s Freebies, go back and check it out!

  • Target’s pet coupons expire on the 17th, so don’t forget to grab your free pet items while you can! So make sure you stock up on Snausages, Tidy Cat, Sheba, Pedigree, Purina, and much more. Almost all of those are free with coupons, or pretty darned close. I know Snausages had a coupon in last weekend’s paper for $1 off. Combine with the target .50 off coupon and get your snausages for .09. You can find past deals, like the Sheba and Tidy Cat in the older blogs. If you need manufacturer coupons, check Ebay or The Coupon Clippers.
  • Free Post-Its. Post-Its had a free coupon pdf on their website, for $2 off any Super Sticky Post It Notes. You can find these in many stores for $1.25-$2.25.
  • Its not free but its still a really good deal! Kellogg’s cereals are on sale this week. If you have kids who like Corn Pops, Fruit Loops or Cocoa Krispies, grab your coupons and RUN to Target! Right now 17 oz boxes (those are the big ones, not the tiny ones) of Kellogg’s cereals are 3 for $7 at Target. With the $1 off coupon in
    last weekend’s paper, that brings those usually pricey Fruit Loops down to $1.33 a box! They also have some of the more expensive cereals on sale too…I found Raisin Bran Crunch at 3 for $7.95, with a $1 off peelie coupon on it. Fruit Loops and others are usually $3 or more a box! This is cheaper than even the store brands…so head over and stock up!  The deal gets even better if you combine it with one of the $5 off coupons I linked to last week…you could get up to 5 free!  Or at Kroger, they are $2 each this week, so that’s $1 a box after coupon!

And don’t forget about this oldies but goldies:

Polly Pocket $5 off


Tylenol $5 off.

Have a Great Weekend!

Friday’s Freebies!

First, for those of you who’ve been following the Nestle/Juicy Juice saga, here’s the latest news: Nestle has now posted on their website that they are not going to be honoring the counterfeit coupons. Here’s what happened: Juicy Juice had a promotion with Scholastic that had flyers and promotional materials for parents and teachers before a Parent-Teacher conference. In that pamphlet was a coupon for a Free Juicy Juice product, up to $3.50. They put the pamphlet in a pdf, and posted it on their website, where it was easily found through a web search. The opening page clearly displayed that there was a free coupon inside, and encouraged parents to download the pdf and print it out.

The problem came when we did. Lots of us. Hundreds of thousands of us did. And we redeemed the coupons. For a week after the pdf was found, Juicy Juice affirmed its legitimacy and encouraged us to use it. (See my previous post on Nestle fraud for emails from Juicy Juice.) Then, some enterprising savers decided to make it easier to print, by moving it to a 6 coupons per page format. Others posted the pdf on message boards. Neither was authorized by Juicy Juice or Nestle. Links to the Juicy Juice website were fine, but sharing, or altering the file, was not. Thousands of websites linked to Juicy Juice, legitimately, and those coupons printed directly from Juicy Juice are not fraudulent or counterfeit.

In the end, Juicy Juice has flown off the shelves. Hundreds of thousands of people have redeemed coupons for free juice. It was five days after Juicy Juice began confirming the validity of the coupon before they removed it from their website. On Wednesday, when you called Juicy Juice, their customer service agents were telling people that it was never on their website. That’s a lie. I have a screenshot and the google cache of it. It was on their site. That was just the beginning.

In the end, the original coupon is real, it is valid, and if Juicy Juice doesn’t honor it, they’ll have a few lawsuits from retailers to deal with. Of course, Nestle, Juicy Juice’s parent company, is used to lawsuits for fraudulent practices, so we’ll see if much comes of it. What Nestle is really doing is sabre rattling, in the hopes of scaring people from using the original coupon any further.


Now, on to Friday Freebies!

For anyone who wants more details or information on coupon basics, you may subscribe to my coupon newsletter for free, at Little Miss Know it All’s Crazy Coupon Deals. That will come out every Tuesday, while I’ll continue to post Friday Freebies every Friday.

Walgreens Spa Rebates. Buy any 2 Wyeth products (Advil, Centrum, Robitussin, etc) at Walgreens and get a $50 Spa Reward Certificate. Buy an 4 Wyeth products and get a $100 certificate. There are many rules to this promotion–it expires November 24th, and certificates must be used by March 1, 2008. The submission forms are in the Walgreens Easy Saver Catalog.

Now, to make this an excellent deal, look at these links for coupons on these products. And remember to always check if sample packs will work–if it says any size, or has no size specified on the coupon, that should work.

Wyeth Coupons ,

Wyeth Special Offers,

Dimetapp Coupons

Advil Coupon

3. Free Tacos November 6th! Taco Bell ran a promotion during the World Series. If a base was stolen, they’d give away free tacos. Between 2-5, visit your local Taco Bell and ask for your free taco. Its one per person. T

4. $ off a purchase coupons. CVS and Target continue to increase their coupons to draw customers into their stores. Its the start of the holiday shopping season, and the competition will be fierce. Take advantage of their offers to get some great deals!

CVS offers $4 off a $20 purchase
CVS sometimes carries both Polly Pockets and Juicy Juice, so a combination of those free coupons to a total of $20, means you can get something worth $4 for free. Or, pick up a CVS gift card for $5, pay the extra $1 OOP, and save that $5 gift card for your next visit. Rinse and Repeat, and you’ve got quite the deal! 😉

Target offers several $5 off $25 opportunities. These can be stacked, meaning, in your $25 purchase there is pet food and groceries, you should be able to use all three. Here are some links I know about, all from a generator:

$5 off $25 pet purchase
$5 off $25 purchase

There are other coupons on the web for Target. Always check, at the bottom look at Supertarget/Groceries for coupons. There’s one for M&M’s that should be very nice with after Halloween clearance! Also, they are putting out their Toy Book on Sunday–watch it and their website for toy coupons. Last, the Pet section of their website also has coupons.

Last, there’s a deal this week at Target on Rold Gold pretzels. Clip the manufacturer coupon, add the Target coupon for Lays Products, and you’ve got FREE pretzels!

Free Juicy Juice–Fraud by Nestle?

I’ll write in more detail later, but for those of you now hearing that Juicy Juice is claiming their coupon for free Juicy Juice is fraudulent, here’s a few facts to remember.

1. They posted the coupon on their site, in pdf form, for parents. It was a parent teacher booklet that was addressed to parents, and had a free coupon inside of it. The coupon has an expiration date of 12/31/07.

2. They are now claiming that it was never on their site, and that its a coupon from 2006 that’s been altered. That’s a lie. They had it posted on their website, easily found through three searches in their own search box.

1. Parent Teacher conference

2. Scholastic

3. Free Juicy Juice
3. Using copied coupons is fraud. If you are using this coupon in any other format than the original pdf, that is fraud. If you are using one that’s been cut and paste into 6 or 8 per printable page, according to the coupon industry, that is fraud. However, if you are using the coupon as originally intended, as originally distributed by the manufacturer, that is NOT fraud. I spoke with Juicy Juice at length yesterday about it, and they said the same thing.

If you are fighting them and would like a screen shot, check out Google’s cache of the page.

Yesterday they admitted to me and others that it was their mistake–that they intended to have the coupon removed. But they didn’t. And now they are crying fraud to try to cover their rears. But it wasn’t fraud. It was their mistake. Nestle is famous around the world for poor business practices. Let’s not let them do it again!

Here are a couple of email responses people got when they contacted Nestle or Juicy Juice directly earlier in the week to verify its validity:

Two different responses from Juicy Juice in the past 24 hours:

“Thank you for taking the time to contact Nestl® Juicy Juice® Website regarding our internet coupons. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers such as yourself and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.

We have read your email and researched your inquiry. This coupon is valid and you should be able to redeem it at your local grocery store.

At Nestl, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Your feedback is valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.


Stacey Neville
Consumer Response Representative”

October 29, 2007

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Nestl® Juicy Juice® Website regarding the coupon offer. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers such as yourself and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.

The coupon you inquired about is not a legitimate coupon. It was offered through the website for a very limited time and we are aware that they are being printed out and fraudulently offered through different website. We apologize for the inconvenience.
At Nestl, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Your feedback is valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.

Kelly Henry
Consumer Response Representative

yet another answer….

October 29, 2007
Dear Ms. xyz,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Nestl® Juicy Juice® regarding online coupon. We welcome questions and comments from loyal consumers such as yourself and appreciate this opportunity to assist you.

The coupon offered on the Juicy Juice® website is legitimate and you should be able to redeem it at your local retailer. At Nestl, we are dedicated to you and your family throughout every phase of your lives. Your feedback is valuable to us, as it helps us to improve our products and services.

We appreciate your interest in our products and hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions.
Kelly Henry
Consumer Response Representative

Ref: N15380098

Everybody Loves Free!

Everybody loves FREE!!

Its not Friday but this definitely deserves a post. There are three deals here.

First, for free candy, head over to Kmart and use the coupon for a free bag of candy.

While at Kmart, use this coupon for a free Polly Pocket!

Then, drive to Target, and get free diapers after free gift card. (This is a post on how to do it, search that site for the coupons, or go to ebay and buy 20 $2 off pampers coupons for about $2. Note that some users are using two different manufacturer coupons with success–$2 off the diapers, and a buy one pampers get one kandoo free, to get the wipes for free too.) Then use another Polly Pocket coupon.

While you’re getting all these freebies, why don’t you pick up some extras, and donate them to your local church, shelter, toy drive, etc.

If you like these deals and want more, I’ve got a newsletter going now.  What I’ve posted here is just the tip of the iceberg.  It costs $5 a month, and you’ll get a newsletter every week by email listing all the deals I currently use.  Including–links to printable coupons, freebies, and deal matching so you know where the hottest free (or super dirt cheap) deals are!  Email me at LittleMissKnowitAll at majorshopaholic dot com if you want to sign up!

Have fun!

Bill Richardson

I am starting a new series today. Mondays on Truth in Politics are now designated to Comparing the Campaigns. This new category will see posts each Monday that contain campaign ads for each of the Democrat candidates for President. Since most of us do not live in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, we are not seeing the ads that the campaigns are running.
Today, we begin with Bill Richardson. I have always been impressed by Richardson–his experience sets him apart from the pack, his leadership has always impressed me. He has a sense of humor, and he’s not afraid to say what he thinks. I especially like his diplomatic approach to world issues–issues he worked on as UN Ambassador. I’m not sure about his position on Iraq, but I do admire his forthright nature in presenting his ideas. He also has great ideas, and experience in environmental cleanup, and energy policy change.

The first one is not a presidential campaign ad, but from his last gubernatorial campaign. I included it because it shows his humor and personality. See his Iraq ads below. Love the line “Because being stubborn isn’t a foreign policy.” Love it!
[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

His Energy Policy…

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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Deals R Us

Earlier this week I posted on a deals website called Slickdeals. Its a great resource for discounts and freebies. Another similar site would be Fatwallet, but it doesn’t seem to be as extensive as Slickdeals.

I have gotten a number of great deals lately using these two websites. I thought that instead of being stingy, I would begin to share the legitimate deals with you. So I’ve added a new category–Deals R Us. Check there weekly to see any deals I’ve spotted. I’ll have just one post per week, which I will update as new deals become available.

To start us off, here’s a couple of great ones: is offering three classic family board games for $15, including shipping. Purchase Monopoly Here and Now, Trouble and Life. Here and Now will be free, and Amazon will give you free shipping. There are also rebates available on these games, totalling $8, so after rebates your cost is only $8. These make great Christmas gifts!

Purchase anything at and use Google checkout for the first time to receive a $10 credit. The item must be at least $10 before shipping to qualify. They have a great deal on 2 gb micro-SD cards right now, $22 before google credit, making it $11, including shipping.

Music fans can get free Itunes for signing up for Ticketmaster’s Facebook site. They’ll give you 5 credits, and you can immediately unroll from the Ticketmaster group.

AT&T is offering free ringtones. Enter your telephone number and get your free code. I’ve found that I can enter any number, not just my cell number and get multiple codes.

Domino’s Pizza has a deal in some areas for a free medium 1 topping pizza. Enter the code ‘click’ under promotions to see if its available in your area.

Parents of preschoolers will appreciate the Letter Factory DVD from Leapfrog being on sale for $3 using code 5LD78 to get $5 off.

The Discovery Channel Store is offering $10 off a $10 or more purchase if you use Paypal when you check out.  Checkout their gel based ant farm–the gel is their habitat and food.  Its very cool and a show and tell favorite!

Cellhut is offering a $15 discount if you use Google Checkout.  Get a Razr phone pak (usb cord, earphone and case) for $3 with code D2BCEL

Last, I learned about Angel Food Ministries, a wonderful organization that sells boxes of food for $25. This is a week’s worth of food, worth about $50-$75 in groceries. There are meats, sides, breakfasts, lunches, the works. Everything is fresh or frozen, these are not cast offs, expired foods or low-quality. AFM seeks to increase the nutrition of families everywhere. Visit their site to see the dropoff location near you!

A Deal Hunters Paradise

I am cheap.  Have I ever mentioned that?  I am the coupon queen.  I never buy anything without looking for the better deal first.  When I decide to make a purchase, even small ones, I scour the internet looking for the absolute cheapest price I can find.  I usually am very generous in sharing the deals I’ve found–I often will let lots of people know about the great deals waiting for them at….fill in the blank.

But I’ve been selfish.  Stingy.  There’s a website I haven’t shared with anyone yet.  Just this week I’ve gotten three amazing deals.  I bought a 2 gig micro sd card for my new cell phone for $11, (normally $40) including shipping.  I bought a multi media card reader for $1.95, with free shipping.  And today I bought a George Foreman grill as a present, listed for $59 at other stores, for $12 at Kohl’s, including shipping.

But for you, my lovely readers, I will share my secret– Slickdeals.

Essentially, its a message board for deal-lovers.  I’ve gotten multiple free ringtones from AT&T, $5 shirts from Eddie Bauer, $30 giftcards from Kroger’s, and so on.  The people on the boards are serious deal-hunters–no so-so deals will do.  These are not complete an offer and get them free, these are straight up free deals or coupons.  And they do the footwork for you!  Simply check the front page daily for the best deals, then peruse the forums (hot deals or coupons) for other good ones.  If you have something you’re wanting to buy, use the search feature on the front page to search the forums.  I guarantee you’ll find a deal–haircuts, toothbrushes, prescriptions, tvs, computers, toys, clothes–you name it, someone’s posted a deal.  If you frequent Target, Walgreens or CVS, there are amazing women who ‘stack’ coupons and tell you how to do it, and which ones to use, and in what order, to get maximum discounts.  Coupons for restaurants and stores alike are usually posted there, you simply print and use.  I know I’ve read a post, printed a set of coupons, and walked out of a CVS with $100 of shampoos, medicines and groceries for $25, and a $50 Visa gift card.  I didn’t do any of the footwork–they did it all, I just followed in their footsteps.  This week I’m headed to Target for $5 Pull Ups diapers, normally $10 each.

And no, I do not get a kickback for this glowing review.  I’m just that big of a fan. 

Have fun, my lovelies!

Work at Home Jobs

I have the pleasure of being a stay at home mom.  I have two darlings, one in school full time, the other a two afternoons a week preschooler.   That schedule makes it very hard to have any kind of a “regular” job.  So I got creative, and I thought other moms might like to know how it works.  I’ve been asked hundreds of times how to do it, so I thought I’d post it here.  Feel free to add your own way of working from home.  However, let me add, this is NOT a recruiting page!  DO NOT comment with your contact info on how to join in selling Avon, jewelry, candles, etc.  But if you have a link to a group that work at home mothers can join, companies looking to hire, and so on, feel free to post.  In fact, PLEASE leave a comment with that information.  As good ideas are left in the comments, I will copy them into the body of this blog so everyone can see them.

One last comment–if you have to pay to work, be very wary.  Most likely its not for real!  Spammers and Scammers who comment will be deleted.

Ways I know of to make money from home:

1.  Blog.  This is not a lot of money at first.  Pennies a month, at first.  Blog writers sell advertising on their space (I use Google Adsense) and when readers click on the ads, the blogger gets paid.  It takes time to build it into anything that will make good money, but if you like to write and have something to say, it might be worth a shot!

2.  Customer Service.  I will list here companies I know that are hiring customer service agents to work from their homes.  I worked for West, aka WorkatHomeAgent, for the past year, and I really enjoyed it.  I left only when they switched formats and no longer employed agents in my neck of the woods.  I worked for Disney, for Proflowers, and for Virgin Mobile, doing the same work I would have done in their call centers, only from home.  I got paid by the minute–so if I received calls frequently, the pay was good.  If there was downtime between the calls, the pay wasn’t so good.  Some companies pay by the hour, some by the call, some by the minute.  Make sure to look at that when you sign up.  On average, I made between $8-$10 an hour, and worked between 10-20 hours a week.  I set my own schedule.  Training was not paid.  Basic requirements for this kind of work include a recent computer, a landline, high speed internet, and a headset.  Also very important is a quiet workspace! 

USA Today and Good Morning America have done quite a few stories on this subject.  The companies that I know of, have worked with or know someone who has, are:  West, Arise (formerly Willow), LiveOps, VIP Desk, Alpine Access, and 1-800-Flowers.  Arise is the company I am currently with.  They do charge for training, although right now their basic training is free.  They charge for training as their way of weeding out those who are not going to follow through.  But, many of the accounts offer bonuses for completing training that more than covers the amounts paid.

3.  Surveys and Panels.  Contact your local Market Research firm.  In our area that would be Qfact.  You can get paid to give people your opinion!  No, this is not sitting and clicking on questions all day long on your computer.  I know some people make money doing that, but I never have been able to.  Qfact and others will call you and ask you to participate in studies, and will pay you for your time.  I have done studies on cough medicine, toothpastes, diapers, music, and store product placement.  I get paid anywhere from $40 to $100 and more for my time–usually an hour or two.  I’ve even been an alternate–someone who sits in the waiting room to be a replacement for people who doesn’t show up for their study.  I’ve done that twice–both times getting paid $100 for sitting for an hour and a half.  Most places will not let you do too many studies in the same month or six months, but its a nice supplement to your pocketbook.  My local market research firm also provides childcare during the study.

 So, whatchya got to add?  How are you making money from home?

Bulk Cooking Menu for May

Well, I went shopping last night for the household basics, and I have to say a huge thank you to Meijer for the lovely $5 off coupon I received in the mail this weekend.  Very nice.  They had milk on sale pretty cheap, meaning with the coupon I got 3 gallons of milk for free!  And the way we go through milk around here….well, its pretty nice when its free.

 So, I’m preparing my bulk menu for May.  Here’s my list:

  1. Spaghetti with Bolognese sauce
  2. Pork Pies
  3. Fajitas
  4. Cheesy Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole
  5. Homemade frozen pizzas
  6. Quiche
  7. Baked Fried Chicken
  8. Pulled Pork
  9. Pork Loin
  10. Steaks
  11. Paella
  12. Seafood Manicotti

Most of these dishes I’m making four meals of–meaning when I’m done I’ll have two months worth of meals.  I started yesterday, spending two hours boiling sausage, grilling and chopping beef for the fajitas and assembling the packets for the fajitas, cheesy casserole and paella.  I put 12 meals in the freezer in that 2 hours.  That’s an average of 10 minutes per dinner.  Not bad.  I also managed to put away 7 mornings worth of sausages for breakfasts.

I plan on making breakfasts too…

  1. Blueberry Muffins
  2. Chocolate Chip Waffles
  3. Sausage/Bacon/Cheese Souffles
  4. Link Sausages

So, what are you cooking this week?