Midweek Freebie Deals!

This week there are:

(All at Target)

free string cheese–print target coupon for .50 off 2 Market Pantry cheeses.  Target sells string cheese individually for .25 each.  Buy 2, get both free!

free animal crackers–Print the Target coupon for $1 off 2 Nabisco cookies.  Use on 2 boxes animal crackers @ .50 each.

free excedrin–Target has it on sale this week for $1.97, with $2 off coupons in this weekend’s paper.

free tylenol–$1 off Tylenol printable, Target has them for .97 each in the trial sizes.

free condoms–$2 off Any Durex product, Target and other stores have them in trial sizes under $2.

All of these Target coupons can be printed at Target or HotCouponWorld.

Looks like its time to stock up on some basics!

Stockpiling is a key ingredient to really saving big $$ with coupons.  When you see a deal on something you use regularly–cheese (which freezes), cookies, medicines, cereals, shampoos, etc, stock up on it.  My rule of thumb is:

25-40% off–get a few

50-70% off–get 6 months worth

75-100% off–get a year’s worth

For example, several months back Kellogg’s cereal was on sale at Target for $2.33 a box.  There was a manufacturer coupon for $1 off any box, and a Target coupon for $1 off any box.  That brought my total down to .33 a box.  Now, that’s a substantial savings on Fruit Loops, Apple Jacks, Raisin Bran, etc.  I bought 20 boxes at that price–$6.70 plus taxes–enough for about 6-8 months.  Enough to last through their expiration date.  Recently there were baby wipes for free at Target–I have enough for a year or two.  I have stockpiles of laundry detergent, dish detergent, fabric softener, cat food, toilet paper, paper towels, juice, diapers, wipes, cake mixes, candy, soda, boxed potatoes, spaghetti sauce, shampoo, toothpaste and more.  I have enough of each of those things to last me 6 months.   I didn’t buy all of those at once–instead, it was a month by month, week by week collection.

Favorite Snow Day Recipes

This is one of my favorite recipes to make on snow days–Triple Mushroom Bisque–which we’ve had a lot of, recently.  This is hearty and warm and really fills you up with a lot of work.  One of my friends was asking for the recipe, so I’ve simply cut and pasted my response to her.


Easy Peasy–looks like a lot, but very simple. Even my brother in law can make it to impress the ladies, and he’s the tv dinner type. Here’s the link to it out of the magazine–below is my version from memory.


1 bunch of fresh thyme
2-3 small packages of gourmet mushrooms (ie, cremini, porcini, shitake, baby bellas, whatever you find)
1 block of cream cheese, light
1 cup of chicken stock
1/2 cup of red wine
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 pkg wild rice mix (the microwave kind–or 1 cup boxed wild rice mix)
The dark meat off one roasted chicken (I roast chicken all the time and set aside the dark meat in the freezer for this recipe.)

Heat a stew pot/paella pan (those deep, rounded pans) with a tbsp or two of olive oil, and add the sliced mushrooms and the thyme. Saute until a sauce forms–the liquid will come out of the mushrooms and make this wonderful brown mushroom stock. Takes about 5-7 minutes. (it will smell really good at this point.) Add the balsamic vinegar and stir to coat the mushrooms with the sauce. Add the red wine, let reduce for a couple minutes, then add the chicken stock and the chicken. Let simmer on low/medium-low for about 30 minutes. Add cream cheese and stir. It will be blotchy (lots of little pieces floating)–let it simmer some more and stir every few minutes, the heat will dissolve the cream cheese. Add the wild rice mix and serve.

If its the microwave rice mix, add it five minutes before you serve. If its a regular rice mix, add it at the same time you add the cream cheese, and let it heat for 20-30 minutes.

The regular recipe calls for milk and flour–I never need it. This is a thick stew, especially as the rice absorbs broth and releases starch into the liquid.

Rule of thumb, the liquid should cover the mushrooms–just by a quarter inch or less. If you need more liquid, feel free to add equal parts wine and stock.

Serve with a hearty bread, like a Rosemary Focaccia, and a salad and you’ve got a meal.

Saturday’s Savings!

I’m adding a Saturday’s Savings because I’ve found three great coupons or deals I want to share with you! 

Before I do, let me offer a hearty welcome to all my ladies over at Cincymoms.com!  We here at Truthinpolitics made the front page!  Woohooo!!

Okay, back to the deals. 

 First–Visit BabiesRUs for a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase, either online or instore.

Second–visit Sears.com and register for their email alerts and they’ll send you a $5 gift card in the mail!

Third–print this coupon for $2 off Live Active Cheeses.  Most are between $2.50 and $2.75, so this makes for some pretty cheap cheese!

Fourth–Free tokens at Chuck E Cheese–go to www.chuckecheese.com and sign up for their coupon offers–include your kids birthdays.  You’ll get an email for 20 free tokens for each kid.  And I’m told, that if you close the email and click the link again, it will give you more of the same coupon….with new expiration dates!  Also, check out this link for 20 free valentine tokens.


Now, a repost of Friday’s Freebies:

A couple of small deals this week:

First, get a coupon for Free Flat Earth Chips .

Second, check out Meijer’s or Kroger’s for free Tostino’s Pizza Rolls.  They have them 10/$10 right now.  At www.coupons.com there is a coupon for .55 off one package.  It doubles at those stores to $1—making the pizza rolls free!  Score one for the kiddos in your life!


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Friday’s Freebies Returns!

A couple of small deals this week:

First, get a coupon for Free Flat Earth Chips .

Second, check out Meijer’s or Kroger’s for free Tostino’s Pizza Rolls.  They have them 10/$10 right now.  At www.coupons.com there is a coupon for .55 off one package.  It doubles at those stores to $1–making the pizza rolls free!  Score one for the kiddos in your life!


Moving (temporarily)

Later this week this site will be down for several days.  ContentQuake will be doing some major site upgrades behind the scenes–and the entire network will be down.  During that time, I will have everything hosted over at LittleMissKnowitall.net.  In fact, starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting there exclusively until this site is back up around Monday.  So hop on over and see me!

End of Year Wrap-Up and Giveaway! And Freebies!

 Wow, I’ve had a great deal pop up and I have to edit this post already!  Read below for free batteries and great savings at Walgreens!

A couple of good deals!

First, take the $5 Energizer CVS coupon that expires today, and run to CVS.  Buy the 8 pack of Energizers.  Make three trips through the line, get $15 of batteries, pay $0 oop and get $5 in ECB’s!  You can do this twice per ECB card.  Now, remember that the coupon only works once per trip, and though it might expire today, it will often work for another few days.  So, free batteries, and free money to spend on other things at CVS.
Second, take any Tylenol, etc, q’s that you have left, and head over to Walgreens today.  This is a today only deal!  For today, they have a $10 off a $30 purchase.

Get some printer ink refilled…get some medicine, some decorations, whatever you need!

Enjoy everyone!

First, I want to congratulate the winners of the trivia contest–Hillary Clinton was the correct answer. She was an active member of her College Republicans on her campus! Congrats to those who knew the right answer! Polito-clicks are on their way to you!


Its that time of year–time to look back, reflect, figure out what was good, what was bad, so you know how to improve for next year. So in that fashion, we have another giveaway.

Look back through the past year’s posts, and let me know which ones were your favorites. Which were your least favorites? Leave a comment with them in it. The first 15 comments get free polito-clicks, just in time for the primary kick-off! And in the week after Christmas, I’ll repost the top three blogs.

Merry Christmas everyone!


CPA Storm Compliance Check

Where’s Mom?

She’s at Target!  Why?  Cause right now, Huggies wipes are free!

Yes, we all know moms of every shape and size cannot live without their baby wipes.  Doesn’t matter how old your kids are, you still need more baby wipes!

Okay, so head over to this website for a $3 off any 2 Huggies products.  Now, you can use that coupon with a Huggies coupon on larger wipes, or diapers, and get a great deal.  But if you don’t need those things, just some handy wipe packs, motor over to Target’s trial section, and pick up two of the travel sized Huggies wipes for $2.  Throw down your coupon…and voila, free wipes!

I know its not Friday…but I thought you’d appreciate this deal!

Easy Peasy Silver Polish

The Know it All’s had their annual Christmas Party last weekend, and in all the hustle and bustle, I forgot to buy silver polish for the bells and trays. So, there I was at 1 am the night before, setting up for the party, and I had to figure out how to do it the homemade way.

A quick internet search and I found this super easy solution!

Ingredients needed:

Aluminum Foil, baking soda, hot water and salt


Fill a large bucket or your sink with steamy hot water. Fold a piece of aluminum foil to fit the bottom of your container and put it in the water. Next add a tbsp of baking soda, and a tablespoon of salt. Let sit for one to two minutes, so the ingredients can react to each other. Now, dip your tarnished silver into the hot water, let sit for a few seconds, then remove and dry with a soft cloth.

The tarnish just fell off my silver. Only the tarnish thats really deep remained. I had a silver bell that hangs on my Christmas tree, etched with the year of my birth, and it was so tarnished I couldn’t read it anymore. I dipped it into the water for 20 seconds, and it came out so shiny! I couldn’t believe it!

No more of those kits you buy in the catalogs. No more long polishing sessions with that yucky, pasty goo! Hooray!

Friday’s Freebies!


Some Excellent deals this week, on things we all need! I have spent the past few weeks learning about CVS–they’re extra bucks system is wonderful, but a little complicated. My advice is to register for the card now, and take advantage of the deals as I post them. Someone started spoon feeding me deals about a month ago, and now I am starting to stand on my own two feet. You will too–it takes a little practice, but you can really get some great deals at CVS!

1. Energizer batteries are on sale this week at CVS for $5.49. These are 8 packs of AA and AAA batteries. (C’s, D’s and 9 volts are on sale too, but I’m not sure of the prices.) There are three pieces to this deal–first, look through your coupons and pull out the $1 off Energizer batteries that was out a couple weeks ago. Second, go to the link below and print out the CVS coupon for $5 off Energizer 8 packs. That makes the batteries FREE! (and we all know, we can always use more batteries!) Now, to make this deal sweeter, when you buy $15 of Energizer batteries this week, CVS will give you $5 in
Extra Care Bucks to use on your next trip. Here’s the tricky part–the CVS coupon only works once per trip–so while you can print out multiples, the register will not let you use more than one per shopping trip. So make three trips, get 24 batteries for free, and get $5 back! Now that’s a SWEET deal!




2. Tissues are free at CVS this week too! Again, its one coupon per trip…but unlimited trips!

3. Now, add in a few goodies you already need (like milk, tylenol, candy, stocking stuffers, wrapping paper) and add in a $4 off $20 coupon at CVS. Sign up for email at this link, and they’ll send you your own $4 off $20 coupon. Hint: these can also be printed off more than once! One per trip, though.




4. One more CVS deal. If you still have Tylenol coupons around (the $5 one posted the last several newsletters), go use them on Sudafed at CVS. They have the 24 count boxes for $4.49, and you get $1-2 (I forget) in ECB’s. So that’s more free money to use at CVS!

Now, head on over to Target for some great deals on Shampoo! Sunsilk is only .60 for two bottles with the coupons below:
A Buy One get One free from the paper a couple weeks ago (or buy on ebay, or the www.couponclippers.com) and $3 off 2 bottles http://bricks.coupons… They are $2.99 and $3.29 each at Target–use the two together to get them for .60!

Also, look through your past coupons for Fusion and Olay coupons. Target has the Olay and Fusion gift sets for $9.97 and they come with a $5 gift card. If you’ve got the $3 or even $4 coupons from recent newspapers, this is a great deal!

Last, don’t forget about the Polly Pocket coupon I posted several weeks ago! If you don’t need Polly’s, I’m sure the Toys for Tots bin would love a few more!

Oh, and for all the freebie lovers–don’t forget to check out the Trivia question on the Political side of the blog. Free polito-clicks to the first five correct answers!




Merry Christmas!