Coupons from Ebay

Many of you have seen me refer to buying coupons online and wondered exactly what the heck I’m talking about.  Well, you can buy coupons from a variety of sites!  Need 20 Cottonelle coupons?  Head online!  There will likely be someone who has 20 of them, waiting to sell them to you!

Ebay is one of my favorite places to find rare and high value coupons.  You do need to be savvy–do not pay for printable coupons.  99% of the time you can get those for free yourself.  Make sure the coupons you order are from a reputable seller–meaning look at their feedback to make sure they’ve sold coupons before.  The best sellers have complete descriptions of the coupons along with pictures.  And always remember that you are not paying for the coupons themselves, but for the time to collect, clip and mail the coupons to you.  I have a few favorite sellers:  Danica, Mama_Sold_It, Holloway’s Coupons, and Gen_Lee.  All of them have been quick, reliable sellers who sold me exactly what they described.  Danica and Mama_Sold_It have both thrown in extra bonus coupons for being a repeat buyer.

However, I do have one seller I will tell you to steer clear of–Melodyh.  I know several people who have ordered from her in the recent past.  Two report that she mailed coupons to the wrong address, and then gave out personal information without buyers’ permission, asking one buyer to mail the coupons to the correct address.  All without any contact with the original buyer.  She’s also broken feedback rules by Ebay, leaving negative feedback on the buyer and called her a liar.  No, I won’t be doing business with Melody again.

I also can recommend and

Happy shopping!

ETA:  Its been a few days and there’s been plenty of time for everyone to view the comments.  I normally don’t allow cursing and other language on this blog.  I’m going to be removing the comments that have no point except to curse and rail on me for daring to denigrate Melody.  The posts in support of both Melody and myself will stand, if they refrain from cursing.  I stand by my comments–but its obvious that Melody has fans too.  In fairness, I will let those comments stand.

Welcome to our New Home!

Welcome!  We’ve moved Little Miss Know it All’s Deals R Us section over to a brand new blog!  Lots of stretching room and no more weird looks for having a coupon site on a blog called TruthinPolitics!

Its been a quiet week for deals, save a few L’oreal deals at Kroger and Walgreens.  However, rumors are swirling that next week Kroger will bring back their Mega Deal (Buy 10 items get $5 off) so we are anxiously awaiting a full list of what will be on sale!  And if it will make an appearance in this area!

After that, CVS has a great deal on Lifesavers coming up the last week in July.  They will be BOGO with a BOGO q available at coupon clipping sites…and will offer $5 in ECB’s!!  Can anyone say “Moneymaker”?!?!

Last, the coupon class that was offered recently will be expanding.  I have heard from many of you that you’d like to attend. Cincymoms and the Enquirer have generously offered to help me with the classes.  As soon as I have details like dates and locations, I’ll post them right here!

Coupon Class Q&A

Well, the coupon class appears to be VERY popular!  I was not expecting this kind of response!  The class began yesterday, and we had approximately 75 in attendance.  I’m getting inquiries almost hourly for a future class!  So here’s a listing of all questions I’ve had recently.  Feel free to ask more in the comments–if I think its a common question I’ll add the answer up here in this post.

1.  Yes, there will be another class (or 2, or 3) in the future.  I do not have any dates as of yet.

2.  The guide will be for sale on its own, from Amazon ebooks, in the near future.  Its been uploaded, we’re just waiting for approval.  It will be $5.

3.  I do have 2 binders left for sale.  These are coupon binders with special pockets for all of your coupons.  They are $17 a piece, plus shipping. 

4.  The current class session is full.  I apologize but space is limited!

Other good deals this week…

I’m seeing Walgreens has their store-brand diapers pretty cheap.  Now we’re out of diapers at the KnowitAll house, and we’re definitely enjoying that!  But for those of you still buying the suckers, here’s a pretty good deal!

Wags (walgreens) has their brand for $5.99 a pack this week.  At the front of the store, pick up an EasySaver booklet for July.  (right next to the ads)  Flip through it and find the coupon for $5 off 2 packs.  Get three packs of diapers (the coupon will adjust to the right amount–wags computers are smart!) and head to the register.  You’ll pay $11.50 out of pocket (oop) and get $5 in Register Rewards back.  (Register Rewards are $5 coupons you can use on your next order.  Just not on diapers–it doesn’t “roll.”)  So for $11.50 oop you get 3 packs of diapers and $5 to spend on something else–medicines, milk, cereal, whatever you need!

I’m also seeing that pizza rolls are 10/10 at Kroger–if you have .50 off coupons or higher, pull em out.  Those babies are FREE!

Week 7: I have $10, what do I buy?

First, a big wave for all the new visitors from the coupon class, Q102, WNKU and Channel 5 news!  Between those and the Enquirer article, its been a whirlwind few weeks in the KnowitAll household!  Now, on to the deals….

Its not a bad week this week!  Meijer has some good deals, as does Kroger.  Here are my picks for what you should spend your $10 on.

CVS–Lifesavers BOGO, use a BOGO coupon from early June insert for two free packs! 

Kroger–Free Cottonelle.  .99 for a 4 pk, free after $1/1 coupon.

Meijer–Free cereal and milk!  Buy 3 Post cereals, get $3 towards Meijer milk.  Honey Bunches of Oats has several $2 off coupons available, making them free, and Meijer milk is usually under $3, so this should be free! 

Free Dole salads–10/10 this week.  .55 off 1 paper from the paper, or $1/1 q from the pamphlets found in the produce section.

Last, for all that 4th of July picnic potato salad you’ll be making, Miracle Whip on sale at Meijer.  3/$6, minus a $1.50/2 coupon on Mealbox, and a .55/1 coupon in the Kraft family magazine (doubles to $1 for the first two), making it .25 each!

That is:

10 Lifesavers = $0

2 Miracle Whip=.50

20 Cottonelle=$0

6 Honey Bunches of Oats=$0

2 milks=$0

10 salads=$0

total ac:  .50

Leaves you plenty of money to buy coupons online and pay the sales tax with your $10.

Honey Bunches of Oats coupons can be found Here, here and here.

And as always, if you need more coupons, you can buy them on EBay or over at CouponsbyDede.

Stockpiling 101: Week 6–I have $10, What do I buy?

There are some good deals this week, and most are limited to the Cincinnati area.

At Remke:

Cheerios–$2 a box at Remke with a $1 off printable at  –2 boxes, $2.

Hamburger Helper–$1 each with $1 off 2 at Remke’s website–2 boxes, $1/2

At Target:

Bandaids–$1.67 a box, $1 off coupon from paper or Ebay, $5/3 Target coupon on Ebay=9 boxes free after coupons!  Or, there’s a .75 off coupon on

Stockpiling 101: Week 5–I have $10, what do I buy?

Its a quiet week, but these two small deals are definitely worth the time!

Both are at Walgreens this week.  Band Aids, boxes of 30 or 40 (they’re marked) are only .99.  (normally $1.99)  There is a coupon for $1 off any Band Aid from a recent Sunday paper.  This makes them free!  Reynolds Wrap, 20 ft rolls, are $.89 with a Walgreens coupon.  (Get the coupon in store in the weekly ad)  There are coupons available online (via ebay, couponclippers or more) for $1.50 off two, making them only $.14 a roll! 

I’d buy:

20 boxes of Band Aids–Free!

20 boxes of Reynolds Wrap–$4

That leaves you $6 to stock up on milk or meat for your freezer.  Buy a gallon or two of milk,  or a couple pounds of meat, and freeze it for a later date! 

Couple of quick notes for regular readers.  LMKIA will be in the Cincinnati Enquirer this Wednesday, in the Life section, talking about coupons and stockpiling!  Also, I will be offering a class in couponing and savings techniques.  The class will be June 29th at 3 pm, at the Vineyard Church in Florence.  The cost is $10.  I’ll have more details soon!

Week 4: Stockpiling 101–I have $10, what do I buy?

Its been a slow couple of weeks for couponing and stockpiling.  I’ve had some travel plans and just haven’t felt motivated to get to the stores by the lackluster sales the past few weeks.  This week, things are looking up!  There are a lot of freebies over at Meijer…mostly free after printable coupons!

Three items are free after printables found at,, and  These are all a part of the buy 10 for $10 and get the 11th free.  I’d also get milk there, while its $2.50 a gallon.

Chex mix $1 minus $1 coupon=free x 4 bags

Totinos pizza rolls $1 minus .50 off coupon (doubled to $1) = free x 2 boxes

Rice a Roni Nature’s Way $1 minus .50 off coupon (doubled to $1)=free x 2 boxes

Aquafresh toothpaste minus .75 off coupon, doubled to $1=free x 2 boxes

That’s 10 items–pick another 10 for $10 item for free (its the 11th item free)

Some other freebies/cheapies this week:

Dole Mandarin Oranges, canned, 10/$10, – .55 off 2 from paper = .45 each. 

Green Giant boxed veggies minus . .60 off 2, doubled to $1/2= .50 each x 2=$1

Milk gallon 2/$5=$5

That leaves $4–I’d spend that on extra papers from this past weekend.  They are .99 at Kroger or UDF (check your local store.)  You will appreciate those extra P&G q’s throughout the next month!

Remember that Meijer will only double 2 like coupons per order, so if you have more than 2 coupons for Aquafresh or Pizza Rolls, make sure to break it into a second order.  Also, if you arrive and they’re out of something, get a raincheck!  They were out of the pizza rolls last night at my Meijer, but I now have a raincheck and my q’s to use another week when things aren’t so nuts!

I also hear there’s a Catalina deal at Meijer–when you buy 3 cans you will get a printout coupon for .75 off your next order! 

Stockpiling Week 3: I only have $10, what do I buy?

When it comes to grocery deals, its a VERY slow week.  I see that Kroger has the buy one get one Eggo deal running until May 26th.  So if you haven’t already stocked up, order those .55 off 1 Eggo coupons NOW and stock up!!!

I also hear that there is a decent diaper deal at Target.  Target has a $3 coupon off Pampers and wipes, and there are many Pampers coupons floating around.  I believe it makes diapers $6 each.  Not something I’d label a “stock up” price, but if you have babies, I’d definitely get more than one or two.  If you need Target coupons, you can get them at  I’m watching Target closely to see if they run a gift card deal soon on diapers.  Typically when they put out a Pampers and wipes coupon, a gift card deal pops up before the coupon expires.  Gift Card deals brings the price way down, so I’ll be watching and let you know if I find any.

I also want to apologize to anyone who tried to go buy the Automatic Shower Cleaner for free and couldn’t.  It wasn’t as good of a deal as I’d read–it seems the $5 instant rebate was actually a manufacturer coupon, meaning that you weren’t able to use your $10 coupon as well.  Its one of the few deals I’ve posted without actually trying it myself, and it wasn’t what it was advertised.  I apologize!

Now, down to this week’s best deals.  The best one I’ve found is at Walgreens.  Walgreens has been expanding their rebate program, to include rebates that print after you purchase certain orders.  No mailing in–you get a printed coupon that takes that amount off your next order.  They are called Register Rewards.  (RR for short.)  This week’s RR deal involves Proctor and Gamble, everyone’s favorite brands!  There’s Cascade, Febreeze, Crest, CoverGirl, Oil of Olay and much more!  You need to see the ad for all the details, but here’s the lowdown–Crest ProHealth is free.  Covergirl is Buy One get One half off.  There are three deals here.  I’d go to ebay and spend  a few extra dollars on some coupons! Pick one of the first two and work with the third one for free!  All of these deals are what we’d call “Money Makers!”

Deal 1:  Crest Pro Health–total after coupons (AC) $4.50

Buy 9 Crest Pro Health toothpastes 2/$5

Use 9 .50 off 1 Crest from Sunday’s P&G

Use 1 Walgreens $3/2 Crest Pro Health coupons.  (One coupon will ring for all 9–and adjust for the odd number.)

Receive $20 in RR back!


Deal 2:  Cover Girl–total AC is $6.xx

Buy 5 $2.99 products (eyeliner, makeup pads, etc)

Buy 1 $5.99 blush

Use 1 free blush when you buy 3 CG products

Use 2 2.50 off 2 CG products

Use 1 $1 off any CG product

Receive $20 in RR back!


Deal 3:  Venus or Fusion Razor–free AC!

Buy one Venus or Fusion Razor

Add in $4 “filler” (this are items you want to purchase outside the deal.  Milk, eggs, etc.)

Use $4 off Venus (or $4 off Fusion if you have one)

Use $10 RR from P&G deal

Receive $6 RR back!


I don’t need that much CoverGirl, you say?  Sure you do!  Do you have daughters?  They have glittery nail polish for $3.99 (50% off second bottle) and we all know how little girls love to sparkle!  Stock up on makeup staples–eyeliner, mascara, makeup pads, pencil sharpeners and more.  Everything is of varying prices, but its a great deal.  And you get free blush!

A few caveats–RR expire quickly, so pay attention to the end date that prints on your receipts.  They also do not “roll.”  Meaning, you cannot use a $10 RR from the P&G deal to pay for the CoverGirl deal.  However, you can use the P&G RR on the Venus/Fusion deal, and vice versa.  Last thing, I have discovered that you can also use your RR for gift cards!  RR will not give you money back, so make sure your total is over the amount of RR you want to use.  Gift Cards are a great way to extend the life of your RR.  Keep track of the RR deals each week, and you should be able to keep accumulating them week after week!  One of the best things about Walgreens and CVS instant rebate systems is that you should never pay full price (or anything close to it) for shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant or razors again!  In fact, it should be free from now on!

This week’s deals add up to about $11, before the purchase of coupons.  Hope that helps everyone!