Alavert Alert!

Here’s a great way to stock up on allergy medication, and MAKE MONEY doing it!!!

Here’s how it works.  CVS has Alavert and Alavert-D on sale this week for $5.99.  Wyeth has a $4 off coupon on their website, making it only $1.99 after coupon.  Now, CVS will give you $3 back in ECB’s when you buy it, if you give them your CVS ExtraCare card  (free at the register).  An ECB is money you can spend at their store at a later date.  There is a limit one per household.  Still the sale is a good deal even without the ECB’s–these are dissolving allergy medication tablets and work pretty quickly.  My son, who is eternally picky and hard to give medicine too, loves the orange flavored tablets, so we will be stocking up quite a bit!  Even without the ECB’s, a 12 ct for $1.99 is a GREAT price!!

School Supply Bonanza!

There have been some EXCELLENT deals on school supplies this summer!  If you’ve been following my recommendations and stocking up each week on the sales, you probably are done, or pretty close to it.  We’ve seen Free folders, .01 folders, .05 spiral notebooks, .01 rulers, .20 glue stick pairs, .24 Crayola crayons, .25 composition books and free highlighters.  And that’s just the highlights!

Well, this week there are some pretty spectacular deals too!

Staples has FREE Elmer’s Glue, limit 2, as well as .09 Filler paper packs (150 sheets), limit 5.  There are also .79 Crayola markers and .25 mechanical pencil packs.  OfficeMax has 2 pocket folders for .01 each, limit 10, and .01 rulers, limit 3.  They also have .15 filler paper packs, limit 4.  While not as good as the Staples filler paper deal, its at least .35 less than the best deal I’ve seen at the big box stores, so its worth stocking up now!  If you stop at those two stores and buy the full limit, you will only spend $2.25 plus tax for:

10 folders

3 rulers

2 glues

1 markers

1 mechanical pencil packs

9 packs paper

All for $2.25 plus tax.

And don’t forget the Kellogg’s backpack deal over at Meijer:  Buy $10 of Kellogg’s products, get $10 towards any backpack!  There were coupons in last weekend’s paper, as well as printables over at  Remember, the $10 is before coupons, so if you buy $10 in products but only pay $6 after coupons, you still get your $10 discount!

LittleMissKnowitAll’s Guide to Savings

Part two is now up for sale!  The cost is $5, same as the last one.  This one is shorter, only 10 pages, but it covers Catalinas, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Instant Rebates and other cost-cutting savings techniques!


Edit:  Please remember, I am just a mom, sharing information with others so that they can save too.  My advice should not be taken as legal advice.  Stores frequently change their policies, so you should check with your stores to make sure theirs is the same as what I’ve told you.  Corporate policies are available for many stores online.  Also, this work is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted or shared without my direct permission.  This includes sharing with your friends.  All proceeds benefit missions work, so please, do not share with someone else.

Guide 1–Planning tools and Comprehensive guide to Basic Saving techniques


Make payments with Google- Download with PayLoadz

Guide 2–More Savings techniques and explanations of CVS, Walgreens and Target savings systems


Make payments with Google- Download with PayLoadz

Option 3–The Complete Guide to Savings and Coupons (parts 1 and 2)


Make payments with Google- Download with PayLoadz

Free Panera!

If you live in the Cincinnati area, Panera starts a deal Friday: Bring in one non-perishible breakfast item before 10:30 am and get one of their new breakfast sandwiches free! All food donations benefit the Freestore Foodbank.


Announcing the First LMKIA contest!

lmkia.jpgTomorrow the much-anticipated Cincymoms cookbooks are released, and we here at LMKIA have some copies to give away in our first ever LMKIA contest!  You’ll get a great little cookbook filled with easy recipes from Cincymoms members, along with lots of coupons.  The books are for sale at Biggs Hypermarkets around Cincinnati…but you can get yours here free if you win!

Since we spend so much time talking about stockpiling around here, I thought this contest would center around cooking out of your stockpile.  To enter, send me an email with a recipe you’d make out of your current stockpile.  All of the ingredients must be things you already have on hand.  Also, include a total of the ingredients or cost to make the dish.  The 3 best dishes for the lowest cost win the books!!

Send your entries to Littlemissknowitall at Contentquake dot com before 9 pm on August 14th.  I’ll announce the winners by Sunday, August 17th.  I’ll be posting a variety of the recipes here…

I can’t wait to see all the great recipes!

Today’s piece of advice…

When you go to install the coupon printer for the first time, make sure you do not select to install the Coupon Bar along with the Coupon Printer.  I can tell you from experience that you don’t actually get more coupons that way–and the thing is a seriously annoying adware hound!  It spies on you and sends all kinds of information back to their sponsors!  Yuck!  Like using a shopper’s card, I’m willing to make some allowances for the ability to print high-value coupons I find online.  I’m not willing to have a useless piece of junk slowing down my computer and telling their bosses all my secrets!  Nope, out you go!

I’ve got $10, what do I buy?

This week’s list is mainly at Meijer–there really are great deals there!  Each of the deals in the $10 limits assumes you’ve already collected the coupons necessary.

Buy 5 Colgate Total trial size–approx $5

–get $5 coupon off your next order

end order

New order

buy 5 bars of Irish Spring trial size soaps, use $5 coupon from Colgate order–free

— get $5 coupon off your next order

buy 5 trial size speed sticks, use $5 coupon –free

–get $5 coupon off your next order

repeat.  Remember that you can only get one Catalina $5 coupon per transaction!  So don’t try to get 15 items and think you’ll get 3 Catalinas when you pay.  Doesn’t work that way!

Now, also get:

2 bottles L’oreal Vive Pro or Shampoo or conditioner.  Use BOGO coupon from recent paper– both bottles are free!

2 foundations from Cover Girl.  Use BOGO from Sunday’s paper–both bottles are free!

1 bottle Pert Shampoo, use $3 coupon from Sunday’s paper–free!

11 jars Meijer pasta sauce (10/$10 get 11th free sale) use Mealbox q for .50 off–$5

So, so far we have:

5 Colgate totals –$5

5 Irish Spring soaps –free

5 Speed Stick deodorants –free

11 Meijer Pasta sauces–$5

2 L’oreal Vive Pro–free

2 Cover Girl Foundations–free

1 Pert Plus–free

Total before coupons:  48.50

Total after coupons and discounts:  $10 plus tax!

Have a great time this week!

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What’s Hot!

Meijer is Rockin’ It this week!

Deal 1:  Buy 6  of the following P&G items, get a $10 gift card!  Crest,  Olay, Pantene, Always/Tampax.  And we all know there were some HOT coupons in this week’s P&G inserts!

Deal 2:  Buy 5 Colgate items, get $5 off your next order.  According to Hotcouponworld, trial size Colgate toothpastes are working for this deal!  Can anyone say “Moneymaker”?!?

Some freebies based on recent coupons:

–Free Pert with $3 coupon from Sunday’s paper (2.99 on sale-$3 coupon!)

–Free Bandaids with .50 coupon from last week’s paper (.99 on sale – .50 coupon that doubles!)

–Free Loreal shampoo!  (BOGO on sale+BOGO in paper a few weeks back=two bottles free!)

–Free Covergirl makeup!  (BOGO sale+BOGO in Sunday’s P&G insert=two free foundations or face products!)

They also have their 10 for $10 get the 11th item free deal on again this week!  Take a look at and see what you might need or have coupons for!

I’ll post my top $10 in items later today after I shop at Kroger and Meijer!

Edited to add:  In order to get your $10 gift card, you must purchase it on your own.  Meaning, the register will not prompt the cashier to give you one.  As you’re checking out grab a $10 gift card and add it to your order.  When it rings up it will automatically deduct $10 off your order.  You cannot use the $10 gift card to pay for a future P&G deal with a gift card–this deal does not ‘roll.’
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Organic and healthy items

Many times I hear “Coupons are only for processed foods.  You can’t eat healthy and use coupons!”  There are some who even come on chat boards and accuse us all of feeding our kids trash and setting them up for lifelong health issues.  I’ll be nice and skip over the soapbox rant about judging where you know not the people or lives involved.  Past that issue, its just not true!  You can eat healthy and coupon!

To prove it, here are a few links to some of my favorite ‘healthy’ food items!

$1 off any Cascadian Farms organic line  and/or Muir Glen organic tomato products, and here.

Archer Farms products at Target (many are certified organic)–currently chips and ice cream are offered

$1 off any Rice Select whole grain rice

Various coupons off Meijer produce, organic produce and other meats

Tofutti cuties (and other Tofutti products) on

$2 off Kashi cereals, snacks and crackers,      or $1 Kashi Kids here         

Boca meatless products $1/1 on eBay

$1.25 off any Morningstar Burgers

.55 off Silk soymilk,   $1 off Borden organic milk,    $1/1 Horizon organic milk , 8th Continent Soymilk

Various Stoneyfield Farms coupons

Soy or Rice Dream coupons

I hope these help convince all the skeptics that you CAN coupon and eat healthy!

Coupons aren’t really that great, are they?

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard this one:  “I’ve tried coupons before, but they’re never for things I actually want.” Or…”You can’t really save much with .25 and .50 coupons!”  And I’ll admit that I felt that way too for a long, long time!  But then, I started finding deals that completely changed my mind.  Take a look at these deals I’ve gotten this year alone:

.25 Fruity Cheerios

.50 Ballpark Beef Franks

Free Meijer Pasta

Free Cottonelle Toilet Paper

$1 Aveeno lotions

Free Pantene shampoo and conditioners

Free Lifesavers and Gummisavers

Free Crest and Colgate toothpastes

Free Covergirl makeup

.25 Reynolds Wrap

Free Bandaid brands (character ones too!)

Free Speedstick and Sure deodorants

.25  Eggo Waffles and Pancakes

Free Vitamin Water

Free Powerade

Free Kraft Singles

Free Planters peanuts

.29/lb whole chickens

Free Dole salads

.40 for Pringles King Size can

.75 Electrasol detergent

Free All detergent

Free Hefty zip bags

$2.50 for Pampers Jumbo pack

Free Huggies wipes

Free Motrin, Advil, Excedrin and Tylenol

$2 Alavert

Free Tombstone pizzas

.50 frozen vegetables

.40 for Dixie plates and bowls

And much, much more!  This is only a sampling, off the top of my head.  Deals like these will and do repeat!  So stick around, we’ve got much more to come!