Earn $15 just for Shopping!!

No, really!  And there are no surveys, no weird hoops to jump through.  (I hate those!)

Many of you will remember me talking about Revolution Money Exchange a few months ago.  Many of you will even remember them fondly, because at the time they were handing out $25 just for signing up.  (For those of you who don’t know what I”m talking about, RME is a competitor to Paypal, started by some guys over at AOL.  And no fees, unlike Paypal.)

Well, most of you who signed up are probaby getting your MoneyExchange card in the mail right now.  It links right to your MoneyExchange account, and works like a debit card.  It works at many large chains, like Kohl’s, CVS, Walgreens, Meijer and more.

Even better?  They are giving away $5 each time you spend $25 on your card!  Add $25 to your RME account, spend it somewhere, and they will deposit $5 into your account!  You can do this up to 3 times, meaning you can make an extra $15 on items you were already going to purchase!  Think…$15 extra dollars at the grocery.  That’s a 20% bonus!


Restaurant Week is Coming!

I love restaurant week.  I love eating in nice restaurants I normally couldn’t afford to have a drink in.  I love having girls’ night out, trying out this french food and that steak…without blowing the budget!  Last two times I went to Pigall’s–Cincinnati’s best restaurant that normally hovers at $100 a person…for only $25 for three courses!

Unfortunately Pigall’s isn’t on the list this time, but there are still some excellent restaurants to be had.  $28.08 will get you a three course meal at any of the independent restaurants listed on the Greater Cincinnati Independents website and marked with the RW symbol.  It runs from Sept 2nd through the 7th.   I think this time I’ll try Red, a very nice steakhouse on Hyde Park square!

If you don’t live in Cincinnati, I encourage you to look up Restaurant Week in your area.  Try some new restaurants…or try one you’ve always wanted to go to, but never could afford!  Its a real bargain!

Free Gas and (nearly) free Pop-Tarts!

Its a pretty slow week for deals, but there are a few good ones out there!

Start by heading over to Speedway’s site and signing up for a Speedway Speedy Reward Card, which they load up with 8500 points, enough for a FREE $10 gas card!  Takes a few weeks to get here, but well worth it!  Update:  The site appears to be hit-or-miss.  Try it a couple times a day–it comes and it goes. I know people who signed up in July who just got their cards.  I signed up yesterday, so the offer is still available!

From there, head over to Afullcup.com and print out several PopTart coupons from Target.  Add in the $1/2 coupons that were in the paper on 8/3, and head to Target.  There they have boxes of Poptarts for $1.67.  Use the two coupons, and you’re paying .67 a box!  Even better deal is to grab the Milkshake flavors, which are priced at $1.17.  You’ll get PopTarts for only .17 a box!

10 boxes of PopTarts (milkshake flavor)

total bc:  11.17


10 .50/1 Poptart q from Target

5 $1/2 Poptart q’s from paper

Total ac:  $1.17 plus tax!!!

Now, pull out that rebate form (also in the paper)–buy $10 Kellogg’s product, get $10 back!  Kellogg’s will be paying you to eat Poptarts!  Excellent!


I thought I’d start a new midweek series called Mythbusting.  Here I’ll tackle the most common myths aboutil coupons!

First up–coupons are never for items I actually use.

While I have thought this myself at one time, I’ve since found it not to be true.  Most people who feel this way have only looked at a few weeks worth of coupons–and usually try to match them up to regular price when they do find one they can use.  Truth is coupons run in cycles–certain ones come out every so often.  P&G are kind enough to offer new coupons every month for their products (though I secretly wish some of the better ones would last longer!)  Cottonelle, Betty Crocker, General Mills–their coupons appear every 3-5 weeks.  I know that 2-3 times a year Kellogg’s will have inserts for Pop Tarts and Eggos.  But eventually most products appear in a coupon circular, or on a web coupon, at some point in the 3-6 month sales cycle.

Do you use toilet paper?  Paper towels?  Laundry detergent?  How about olive oil, bread, cereal or mustard?  Shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, or razors?  (I seriously hope the answer is yes to all of those!)  Well then, there are coupons available for you!

The point is that every week, new coupons appear.  One week may not be great for you.  Heck, two weeks worth of papers may not be great.  But by the time week 5 and week 6 roll around, you’ll have begun a great coupon collection of coupons you can use.  Now the key is to learn how to hold them like a great poker player, and only ‘play’ them when they make the best deal!

Living with a Couponaholic

Frugal in Virginia has a great post up this week, from her husband Ryan.  He (very funnily) describes what its like to be the husband of a ‘Frugal.’  (I love that term!  So much better than coupon queen–which just sounds so egotistical!)  I totally understand everything he’s saying–but from his wife’s point of view.  If you’re a Frugal, or on your way to being one, share this blog with your significant other.  They’ll appreciate the commiseration!!

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This Week’s School Supply Deals

Its a decent week for school supplies!  I know for many of you, school starts either this week or next.  We sent our oldest off to Third Grade this morning.  While I’m happy to have some quiet back in the house (all relative since I still have a preschooler at home), it was a bit sad to see how big my ‘baby’ is getting!

Anyway, on to the deals!

Remember, Staples, Office Depot and Office Max all price match each others’ sales, if they carry that exact item.  Staples will not match Office depot private label merchandise and vice versa.  But they will price match on name brands!  Save some gas and take the ads in with you!  And don’t forget your coupons!


Free Pencils–8 pack, via instant rebate

Free Ruler, via instant rebate

.99 3 hole punch

(if you bought the ruler or pencils in the past 14 days, return with your receipt for a Price Adjustment!)

Office Max

Free Sharpie Minis (limit 3)

.25 Bic Round Stic Pens, 12 pack (match with printables at coupons.com and from recent papers for $1/2 Bic Stationary to make them free!)

.01 Elmer’s Glue

.20 Crayola 24 pack crayons

.10 Single Subject Spiral Notebooks

Office Depot

.25 5″ steel scissors (Sunday-Wednesday only)

New Savings Site!


There’s a new savings site in town!  The Cincinnati Enquirer has launched a great new savings website–Savings Central.  When you visit you’ll find links to the hottest deals around, local savings blogs (including LMKIA!) and great savings tools for the Cincinnati area.  I personally love the interactive map–you enter your area of town and you’ll see all the garage sales and gas prices for your area!

Check out Melissa’s blog, where she will tell you about great savings deals from retailers, online coupons and can’t miss-deals!  You’ll also find my blog there…and I couldn’t be more excited!  There’s headlines to the latest and greatest discussions on Cincymoms in the deals area, as well as links to recent Enquirer headlines about finances and savings.  Its such a great tool to have all of this in one area!

It hasn’t ‘officially’ launched yet–meaning they are still tweaking it and are looking for feedback.  Feel free to leave comments on what YOU’D like to see on the page!

So…go check it out!

Amazon Grocery

Now, its not often you’ll find my touting Amazon Grocery for deals, because usually I find the prices to be higher than I can get with a coupon.  But today there just happens to be a pretty good deal going on!  I typically don’t buy the 100 calorie snack packs, though I do enjoy them, because they’re just too expensive.  They’re on sale until August 31st over at Amazon–for as low as $1.43 a box.  Prices vary based on the product you’re buying–but I just paid less than $35 for 24 boxes of 100 Calorie Cheese Its.  Now I know, I know, I typically get goldfish and Cheese Nips for free–but I really like these little bags of handy convenience and calorie control power!  And for only $1.47 a box, I’ll splurge!  The way it works is to purchase $59 worth of qualifying items, select Free Super Saver Shipping and enter code BSTBASIC at checkout.

Amazon.com Widgets

To get the deal, and many others, head over to Amazon Grocery and check out their Sales and Specials section.  (when you click on the ad on this page, you help support this site!) There’s a  deal on Glad and Clorox products for $15 off any $59 purchase, 40% off clearance items (I found Nutri Grain bars for $1.83 a box–not great, not bad either) and much more!  Might be a good time to stock up on some items that rarely have coupons!

ETA:  If you like Horizon Organic milk products, check out their clearance section!  I just ordered 18 cartons of the Strawberry 8 oz milk for $8.80 delivered!  And the chocolate is $14!  My kids love these, and I can pack them in school lunches for special surprises!

Stockpiling 101

ladyoriga.jpgThis week is a great week to stockpile cereal if you haven’t already!  Meijer makes it a little more footwork, but in the end you get General Mills cereals for only .67 a box!  Considering they are normally in the $3.35 range…that’s an 80% savings!

Start by figuring out how much cereal your family eats each month.  Is it 2 boxes?  Is it 4?  Here in the KnowitAll household we tend to go through 3-4 a month.  Knowing that, if I wanted to stock up for 6 months, I’d get 24 boxes.  24 boxes would mean 4 trips through the registers, but when I can get 24 boxes of General Mills cereals for $16–you better believe its worth all those trips through the register! If your Meijer has the newer Self Check Outs, then you can simply break these up into multiple transactions!

These deals come around periodically at varying rates of savings.  The last one was at .88 each.  My favorite was when they were .25 and .50 a box.  This one is smack in the middle of those two, so I’d call it a pretty decent stock-up price!

Now for the coupons…find them at Coupons.com, Pillsbury.com, BettyCrocker.com and EatBetterAmerica.com.  Coupons abound for this deal…so take some time this week and stockup!

I have $10, what do I buy?

This week the deals aren’t nearly as plentiful, or as generous in their savings.  Still, there are a few good deals to be had!

First, stop at CVS and pick up some Alavert for only $1.99 a box with $3 in ECB’s on the first box after a $4 coupon, and some free Colgate Total!  Use the printable for 2 $1.50 off coupons, and check the June and July issues of All You for other $1.50 off coupons.   (If you get the Alavert with ECB’s first, you can then use the ECB’s to pick up two more boxes for only $1!)  And don’t forget that if you haven’t signed up for CVS’s email alerts, to go do that right now!  You’ll get a $4/20 coupon by email, which you can use to add some more savings to this deal!

A sample run:

Order #1

1 Alavert $5.99-$4 q

2 boxes Colgate Total $2.99 BOGO – 2 $1.50 q’s

Total bc:  $9 plus tax  Total ac:  $1.99 plus tax, plus $3 in ECB’s.

Order #2

2 Alavert $5.99 – 2 $4 q’s

2 boxes Colgate Total $2.99 BOGO – 2 $1.50 q’s

Total bc:  $15  Total ac:  $4, use $3 ECB’s to pay $1 plus tax Out of Pocket (oop)

Then head over to Meijer where we’ll find the rest of this week’s deals.  Pick up some General Mills Cereals for only .67 a box, some Aunt Millie’s whole grain bread for only .60 a loaf, free French’s mustard, and a free Meijer tote bag!  (Free when you buy 3 boxes of GM cereal.)  For the cereal, use coupons from Coupons.com, or the various coupons available at Betty Crocker.com, Pillsbury.com and EatBetterAmerica.com.  Remember that Meijer will only double the first two of any coupons…so mix and match your cereal.  I recommend getting 6 boxes–so buy 3 different types to maximize your savings!  One last tip…look around in empty shopping carts and around the self checkout aisles for Catalina coupons that offer $$ off a certain $ purchase!  People leave these gold mines behind, completely unaware of what they’re losing!

Here’s the deal at Meijer:

6 boxes of GM cereal  for $10, minus 6 various q’s doubled to $1–$4

2 Aunt Millie’s bread, BOGO for $2.60, minus 2 .35 q’s doubled to .70–$1.20

1 French’s mustard, free after printable coupon

2 Meijer reusable bags, free after GM cereal purchas

2 bags Cheerios snack mix, $1.67 minus printable coupon at coupons.com–1.34

Total bc:   $18.94  Total ac: $6.54

CVS:  $2.99

Meijer:  $6.54

Total bc:   $42.94  Total ac: $9.53

That’s a 78% savings!