Quick tip on Twitter

Note to bloggers and Twitter users who want to say not-nice things about other bloggers and twitter users:  make sure you’re actually DM’ing and not @’ing.  You may not have meant for those comments to be public–but they were.  And just because you delete them from the Twitter stream doesn’t mean they disappear off of Tweetdeck.  And since bloggers talk to other bloggers, and Twitter users can Retweet your tweets…it gets around.  So if you don’t want others to know what you’re talking about, then make doubly sure you’re in private mode first.

Oh, and instead of being jealous of someone’s media attention, how about contacting the media yourself and pitching story ideas?  Not everyone who is on tv asks for it (I don’t call em up and say ‘put me on tv!’), but many do, and its a much better idea to pitch original ideas than to sit around whining about others who do.