Ah, so it IS possible to hit coupon overload!

I love what I do.  I always say that God gave me the job and ministry I never knew I always wanted.  Yet I seriously need a break!

In the past two weeks I’ve taught four classes, been on tv three times, done two more radio/magazine interviews, and run Littlemissknowitall.net. I’ve got three more classes next week.  I’ve kind of hit the edge on coupons!

I’ve gotten so busy teaching about coupons that I rarely actually get to use coupons.  Yesterday was my first serious run in at least six weeks.  The last big sale I hit up was the Kroger Mega Sale in March.

So even though there’s a giant coupon swap with all of my favorite coupon queens tonight, I’m taking a break for the weekend.  And even though I love what I do, I think I’ll be taking more in the future.  Seriously, I update Littlemissknowitall.net 7 days a week the past few months.  I need to start taking some time off each week!  Maybe Mondays…and Saturdays.  We’ll see!