Upcoming Reviews

These next two weeks I’m testing out a few products, to see if they are truly cost effective and frugal.  You know me, to be frugal they must not only save me money, but be of good quality as well.  I’ve had a before and after hair and makeup session at Tanya’s Aveda Salon in Crestview Hills–can Aveda services really be frugal?; I’m trying out a new learn-from-home video for swimming laps; testing out Sabre Hummus to see if it tastes as good as my favorite, but pricier, Kroger deli brand; trying the Zune music pass service to see if I get more tunes at a lower cost, and testing the new Kodak Print and Prosper printer to see if the quality is as good as they say, at such a low printing price.

So watch this space as I begin to offer reviews of items that might just save you time and money–and make you feel good too!