Balance–What is it, and How do I get it?

Balance is a word I’m hearing a lot of lately.  Everywhere I turn, someone is talking about finding ‘balance.’  From past experience, I’ve learned that God teaches me through repetition.  When I hear something like that repeated over and over again for weeks, I know He’s trying to get my attention.

But what exactly does having balance mean?  I’m hearing many mommy bloggers talk about finding balance between work and home life.  (Living in a virtual world with a laptop means that work is never far away–there are no standard office hours, and its easy for us to get lost in time!)  I’m hearing men talk about the balance between work and play.  I’m hearing pastors talk about the balance between doing things for God, and spending time with God.  At Blissdom we talked a lot about the balance between blogging for money, and serving your readers.  (None of us wants to sell our souls just to make a buck.  Have I mentioned how much I loved the integrity of the ladies at Blissdom?)  All around, balance is a hot topic.

With my ADD brain, its something I struggle with.  I love all the things I’m doing, but quite often something gets ditched by the side of the road in favor of something else that’s taking all my attention.  I’m often dismayed when I realize that the thing I left behind was something that mattered a great deal to me!

Here at the blogs you’ve been with me for a bit of a ride as I try to find that balance.  I didn’t start blogging to be on tv, or to have thousands of followers, or to make money.  I just wanted to write and share what I knew.  God had other plans, and has changed the blogs into something else.  Its easy to get excited and run around trying this and that–all good ideas, but not always great things in the end.  I’m trying to find the balance.

I want to teach more–really open up and help as many people learn as I can.  Hence the Blog Radio show and some of the other new features.  I love having this space now just to share random thoughts and ideas floating around in my head about the frugal life.  Yet I don’t want to abandon the deals either.  I’m trying to find the balance.  For now the plan is to try grocery and drugstore deals at, retail and online deals here.

What areas are you struggling to find balance in?
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