Paying for Toilet Paper?

I was sitting in church today, listening to a guest speaker teach the weekly lesson.  He was talking about bringing your faith into the workplace, and mentioned that he used to work for the largest manufacturer of toilet paper.  He was telling the story of how said manufacturer had found that their product wasn’t selling well, since most people weren’t willing to pay more than .99 for a four pack of the product.  (this was in the days before double rolls and multipacks.)  He was offered a job that would give him a promotion, but he’d have to work with the factory to find a way to remove 30 sheets from a roll, but make it feel as big, so that they could reduce costs to keep profit margins high at the .99 price.  He talked about how it made him feel, and how he was struggling to turn down the promotion to keep his ethics in tact.  There was nothing illegal or immoral about it–companies do it ALL THE TIME–but it didn’t feel right to him.

Yet, all I could think was….

Pay for toilet paper?!?  That’s just CRAZY TALK!!!!”

I think I’m a little too far into the coupon world….  <grin>