2008 in Review

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I sit here trying to type something up to describe this year.  And I just can’t.  Its impossible.  If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be LittleMissKnowitAll;  that I’d have been on tv dozens of times and have thousands of people a day on my blog; that I’d be teaching classes and doing what I love–I’d have told them they were dreaming!

Who’d have thought that I’d start 2008 as a simple stay at home mom, and end it this way?  That a simple newspaper article would turn into radio and tv appearances around the country?  What a wonderful, crazy, wild and beautiful year its been!  God has richly blessed us this year.  He’s made so much clear to us about His plan for our lives.  Beyond the success of this blog, our son who has Asperger’s has made great strides–strides we’ve waited years to see–and so its been a GREAT year!

Before I begin recapping some of my favorite coupon deals of the year, I wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you for all of your help, your support and your faith in me!  Hearing your stories really spurs me on.  I love hearing about your successes!  I pray that for each and every one of you that 2009 will be a miraculous year.  I bless each one of you in the name of Jesus, and pray God’s blessings and bountiful harvest upon your life!

Okay,  on to the deals.  Who could forget…

  • $2.25 off Electrasol?  (Just wait, a $2.50 is rumored to be coming this weekend!)
  • Free Cottonelle!!
  • All the free Pantene early in the year–$2/1 bottle MQ and a $3/3 TQ plus a sale and a $5 gift card=lots of Pantene in my house!
  • Free Aveeno lotions.  Coupons plus trial sizes added up to free $5 Target gift cards.  I turned around and used all of them to buy the laptop I blog from every day!
  • .25 General Mills cereals–I’m still eating through my supply of Honey Nut Cheerios!
  • Wait, who could forget all the free Honey Bunches of Oats this year!?!
  • I’m still eating on the Kraft cheese sale from early February or March–.33 a package after a printable coupon!
  • I could never forget my favorite deal–free vitamin water with a $10 bonus overage on other groceries at Kroger during November!
  • Free Makeup–I’m loving all the free makeup I’ve gotten from Everyday Minerals! (in the sidebar for newcomers)
  • I remember a CoverGirl deal at Wags, in the spring, where you were basically paid to buy their products!  I remember buying eye shadow and blush and getting $20 RR back, for about $6 out of pocket!
  • I won’t forget all the free mascara and lipstick either!  This is the year I discovered the long wear lipsticks–and who wouldn’t love that when they’re free?
  • Glade had some pretty good deals this year.  I’ve got enough Lavendar and Vanilla air fresheners to last a year–and the $4 catalinas to match!
  • There was free bandaids at Target; free Advil, Tylenol, Excedrin and Motrin at Target, CVS, Meijer and Kroger; free Colgate and Crest at Meijer and Kroger (CVS and Wags too); free Powerade–oh yes, free Powerade!

I know there are deals I’m missing…but every week something is free–its a never ending list!

What’s your favorites?