Help Wanted

I’m looking for some help around here!  Things are expanding rapidly, and I’d really like to add some new content.

My first priority is to add coupon matchups for each of the local stores.  I currently have readers from over 15 states–with the majority being in KY, OH and MI.  I don’t actually receive the ads until Tuesday (I know–I’ve had many a call with the Door Store but I’m not getting any headway) so I can’t do the matchups myself.  So….I’m looking to hire people to do it for me.  Its not much, but its something….and if you have a blog yourself, I will link to your blog each time.  I’m looking for matchups for Kroger in Louisville and Cincinnati, Meijer, Walgreens and CVS.  If there is a major chain in your area that’s not on that list its one I’ll consider.

I’ll take applications until the 31st.  Send me a list of your current coupon matchups, your email and contact information.  Let me know where you’re getting your coupon match info from (a coupon database, your own files, etc.)  I’m looking for matchups in Louisville, Cincinnati and in the Ann Arbor or Detroit area of Michigan.  Send it to Littlemissknowitall at contentquake dot com.

I hope to have coupon matchups up and running in early January!