Good Coupons

Found these pdf coupons for you!

Glad $1 off trash bags, exp 12/31/08

Command $1 off Any Picture Hanging Strips, exp 12/31/09

Remember to look at Target and other stores in their clearance sections.  You may be able to find the Command hooks clearanced for at or under $1.  Also look there for the trash bags, as any products that have even so much as a Christmas tree on the box will be included in Christmas clearance!

I’ve updated my list of current printables over at  Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Good Coupons

  1. Thank you for the great finds! I have found a ton of great deals at Target. I’ve found and used their coupons to where if you transfer or bring in a new prescription, you get a free $10 Target gift card per prescription. I stepped out of there with $40 worth of gift cards one time!

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