Dieting on a Dime

I’m really excited to tell you guys about my newest project that we’ll be doing here at LittleMissKnowitAll.  I’m introducing a series called Dieting on a Dime that will focus on eating healthy on a budget.

I’m excited for several reasons.  First, one of the most common excuses I hear against living frugal and using coupons is the perception that you can’t eat healthy foods on a budget.  Its just not true, and we are setting out to bust that myth!  Second, and very honestly, I’m not happy with my body.  No woman ever is, but I’ve been very unhappy with it for a long time.  As I see myself on tv and in the papers, I realize just how bad things have gotten.  A big part of it is my hypothyroidism, but what I eat doesn’t help either. 

So, on January 1st I’ll be starting a new journey, and my whole family with me.  We’ll be changing from our current diet to one that is healthy–full of whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables.  Don’t misunderstand me….our diet isn’t horrible.  We currently already eat some soy, prefer 100% whole grains for our breads, eat organic whenever we can find discounts on it.  We love fruits and veggies and eat them every day.  But we also have pop tarts and cookies on a daily basis, and lots of processed foods. 

What I’m setting out to do is show that you can eat healthy and be frugal.  I’ve set a goal–eat healthy for under $300 a month, for our family of four.  To do it I’ve enlisted several resources.  First, the Enquirer and MomsLikeMe will be joining in this adventure.  MomsLikeMe will have a discussion group and resources available for people who want to join in the challenge.  Over at Dieting on a Dime we’ll have chats to support each other, share recipes, have challenges to motivate each other, and just have fun together on this journey. 

Second, I’ve enlisted a good friend of mine, Marlene, over at Modern Home Cooking.  Marlene is one of the best cooks I’ve ever known, and frugal to boot.  All of her food is all natural, and she strives to be as healthy as she can.  She’ll be working with me to make delicious menus for us out of the deals we find.

Third, I’ve enlisted Urban Active.  They’re offering FREE 30-day memberships to anyone who signs up from this blog.  My family has signed up for a membership there and will be using their facilities to help us along the way.

 Want to join me in this challenge?  I’d love to have you join me!  We can do so much more together than alone!  One of the ironies of this is that in my early 20’s, I worked in a gym as a trainer and salesperson for five years.  I know from experience that going it alone means higher rates of failure.  I really want you guys to do this with me!  I’ll be posting deals, creating meal plans, and I want you to too!  Join me….come do this too!  You can do it exactly as I do…or your own way.  Let’s see how well we can do!