Free Shipping Thursday!

littlemissknowitallcontentquakecom_c7a3f270.jpgIn case you missed my post on it the other day, Free Shipping Thursday is today!  This is a last-minute attempt by the stores to get your business.  They guarantee Free Shipping and delivery in time for Christmas at over 200 online stores!  Read my post here to get details.

I’ve crossed out the section below while I get some clarification from Meijer Mealbox.  Long story short–the coupons are very badly worded.  I only glanced at them for a second and they looked right.  Only now upon further inspection, they are very odd.  Every other Meijer q is worded differently, keeping the amount needed to purchase far away from the size requirements–but these two have them right next to each other and it can really screw up interpretation.  And most of us know that with Meijer, we don’t need any more confusion thrown into the mix!  There’s a huge difference between$1 off Any 2 Marshmallows, 12 oz, and $1 off Any 2-12 oz Marshmallows.  Seems like semantics, but the second one can easily be read as buy one 2 oz marshmallow and get $1 off.  I suspect its the former, but until I hear back, I’m holding out hope for the great deal!

My friend Sarah emailed me yesterday to share a great deal she found at Meijer.  Free Cool Whip–Cool whip is on sale for .79 this week with a Mealbox q for $1/1.  Cheap marshmallows!  Great for those holiday desserts coming up next week!  Meijer Mealbox has printable coupons for $1/1 on marshmallows and the Jet Puff Marshmallows are $1.19.  Remember that Meijer will typically limit you to 6 of any like coupon per transaction, with Mealbox often adding in stricter restrictions.  Make sure to read that coupon and follow the rules….but enjoy some  goodies!  (That’s along with the free Green Giant Steamers this week at Meijer!)