Produce and Couponing

One of the most common comments I hear when I tell people that I spend less than $200 a month on my family’s food is “You must not eat a lot of produce!”  To which I reply–“Really?  Don’t tell my overflowing produce bins that!”

Yes, you can coupon and still eat a lot of fresh foods.  In fact, because I coupon I can afford BETTER fresh foods than I did before!  There are often coupons and deals on fresh foods–just this week Meijer ran Organic Mushrooms for $1 a package–which I bought a ton of, cooked up and froze for future use.  Walmart had grapes for .88/lb so we grabbed a ton of those too.

One of my favorite bloggers, MoneySavingMom, shops every other week on a budget of $40 a week for her family of four–and she’s expecting a new baby early next year.  Here’s her post today of her run for under $40–to all the naysayers, look at how much fresh fruit there is!