Quick Form fillouts

I apologize for the two spam sites that were posted.  When I first checked them out, they both appeared to be fully functional, legitimate sites.  There were no ‘deals’ or ‘offers’ to complete.  However, they have both changed that and now require things I don’t recommend anyone should do.  I’ve gone back and researched the sites’ host domains and it appears both were created within the past 48 hours and are owned by the spam sites that popped up recently.  I’ve checked all the other sites out and they are legitimately owned and operated.  Again, I apologize.

That does bring up something important.  Whenever I sign up for free offers like that, I use something in my Google Toolbar called AutoFill.  In AutoFill I’ve inputted a generic name (LittleMiss KnowitAll) and generic information, including an email box just for coupon offers.  I don’t use my normal email address, to avoid as much spam as I can.  Every 2-3 days I check the coupon email box for new offers, and delete the ones I don’t want.  I know some others who have used clever names like Smart Shopper or Your Customer instead of their real names.  I do give my real address, but without my name and email, it makes phishing for my private info a LOT harder!

Using AutoFill saves me tons of time every day–all those forms on websites take only one click to fill out.  I NEVER put my financial info into AutoFill–though you can.  But I find it to be a real timesaver, and it protects my privacy!