More Freebies!

They just keep popping up!  I had my free Arby’s sandwich yesterday…I’m off to try a free Mint Chocolate shake today!  BTW, when I was there yesterday, they stuffed a couple of coupons in my bag for a Regular Roast Beef or Beef N Cheddar Value meal for only $2.59.  So watch your bags!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of doing what I can to help care for Creation.  (Link removed) is giving away free reusable grocery bags, something I’m a HUGE fan of!  Its a small thing we can do everyday to make a BIG impact.  Plus, the bags are bigger than the plastic ones so more of our purchases fit into one bag–typically 2-3 plastic bags fit into each reusable bag.  I love that I can also sling them on my shoulder instead of having to take a cart outside.  And many stores will give you a refund of .03-.05 each time you bring in your own bags!  UPDATE:  Sorry everyone, I’ve removed that link until some things are worked out.  I don’t trust that site right now.  I got it from various other reliable boards, including Hotcouponworld and, but now its doing funny things.  To protect everyone, I’ve removed it until I get in touch with the site owners.

Parents Magazine and Young Chefs Academy are offering a free session tomorrow, December 6th!

Don’t forget that Feed it Forward is still going on at, where you can send a $10 gift certificate to your friends for free every day until Christmas!  While you’re there, if you decide to buy a few certificates for yourself, use code LIST to get 60% off.  The code is good until 12/7, making a $25 gift certificate only $4!