Couponing Guide

Right now I sell the coupon guide from the class in the sidebar in an e-book format.  Its $10 and is 30 pages long.  It contains all of the steps to what I do.  I tried to include every bit of information I know.

However, there is the possibility that I can have the guide published in paperback form for you guys to order.  Would you be interested in that?   It would be $14-$15 (to cover publishing costs).  Since the size of the pages would be smaller, it would be about 80 pages long.  I know some of you have expressed that you’d like to have hard copies that you can give to friends and family for presents–would this help?

Before I invest time and money into making that happen, I need to know there would be a big enough interest in it.  Once I do, I can probably have them up and for sale by the end of the week, so you guys would have them in time for Christmas.