You Tell the Story!

My favorite part of this job is hearing from you guys!  Today, I want to open up the floor to you–what’s your story?  This site may seem like its all about deals and buying stuff, but really, that is not what its here for.  There are a million and one deals sites out there.  No, the purpose of this site is really to give other people hope–to show them that yes, real people can do this!

So tell me your story!  You can post it below in a comment, or send it to me in an email at Littlemissknowitall at contentquake dot com.  It doesn’t matter to me if its about my site or others–I want to hear how life has changed for you since you discovered a new way to shop!  I’ll post some of the best stories up in a new post–one that will get linked in the Get Started section so that newcomers can see–it really is possible to save like we do!

I’ll start with my story.

I’m a stay at home mom of two.  My oldest is on the autism spectrum, so I’ve never been able to work outside the home.  I was working from home 10-15 hours a week until the company I was working for decided to move out of KY.  Suddenly I had to replace that $400-$600 a month in income.  I’d tried coupons before, but they’d never worked for me.  Seemed like a waste of time–though I was always fascinated by the coupon queens I’d see on tv.  Then I stumbled upon a message board of people chatting about all the free stuff they were getting.  A few of them took me under their wing and within a few weeks–I was flying right along with them!  I couldn’t believe I was going to the store and getting hundreds of dollars worth of items for free!  I remember my first trip–I got Toaster Strudels and Goldfish crackers, had a total a little over $25, and the after coupon total was about $3.  My jaw hit the floor!  The rest is history…

So, what’s your story?