Great Gifts for under $20! Updated with Freebies!

Thought I’d start a list of great deals I see right now…all great gifts for under $20! Again, don’t forget to click to these stores via Ebates–You’ll get double cash back right now, an extra $10 for joining Ebates, and a nice rebate check in January/February!

Over at Finish Line they have Heelies for $19.98 with free shipping code from Ebates–Ebates44! Add in code COMEBACK for an extra 15% off. Two other codes to try (they work for some and not for others) BRADSDEALS122 for 15% off or Finish12.

Finish Line also has NCAA hoodies at $20 each–youth size are $20 each, while adult are 2 for $40 making both $20 each. Remember your codes can take that price down a bit …though it does appear to be one code per order.

Right now I’m testing a code over at, where you can get a free photobook or free photo puzzles for only the $6.99 shipping fee. If it works, its a great deal!

Don’t forget Walgreens has a $5 off $25 coupon today–bringing a $25 gift down to $20–or do some of your EasySaver catalog rebate shopping and get some extra $$ off!

I’m still looking…I’ll be back!

UPDATED: Here are some good freebies, you just pay shipping!

-Free Makeup at Go to their site, click on Makeup and then on custom kits. About a third of the way down the page, add the sample kit to your cart. Then go shopping! You get three foundations, one concealer, and one blush. Go find the colors you like, and simply drag and drop the item into your shopping cart. (clicking on ‘add to cart’ will add the full price item–so make sure you drag the photo and drop it into the shopping cart to the right of the page.) Shipping costs $3.xx. I’ve been using their mineral makeup for 6 weeks now and find it to be absolutely Top Notch! I’ve used mineral makeup for years, but really, really love this stuff. And even at full price, its way cheaper than drugstore brands like L’Oreal! Oh, and you can re-order for others in your household, so get stocking stuffers for yourself, your girls, your friends….you just have to pay shipping each time!

-This is the best deal I’ve found so far! Free photo gifts over at!! And by free gifts, I do mean GIFTS. There are MANY of them! Okay, start here–get 1200 free prints credits & 3 8″x8″ photo books, and other photo gifts *. They’ve given us a direct link, so you no longer need to leave your email in a referral request. When you get to their front page, down in the middle of the page will be a headling “Get 1200 prints free!” Click there, register, then follow the directions below to get even more gifts!

Now, after that, add something to your cart–anything, doesn’t matter what, then go to checkout. When you see codes and gift certificates, enter these two codes:

FREE5XPBS for 5 free Photobooks

FREE4XPUZZLES for 4 free Photo Puzzles

It will ask you to verify them, and take you to a new page where you will have to re-enter them. Re-enter them, and they they appear. These are 20 page 8″ x 8″ books and 100 piece puzzles. You’ll also find all kinds of offers and deals on lots of other freebies. You simply pay shipping! These are great deals!! Get photo gifts for everyone in your family!

I’ve been playing around with it, and so far I’ve ordered 11 items, all with personalized photos on them–4 ornaments, a set of playing cards, 4 jigsaw puzzles and a few other goodies–and the shipping is about $40 for all of those. That’s 11 gifts for $40! My kids are going to love 100 piece jigsaw puzzles of them at Disneyworld! The grandparents will all love the ornaments with photos of the kids on them. The newlyweds are getting a Christmas ornament that’s a picture of them the day they got engaged. And more….much more!!