Kmart deals coming! MONSTER sale!!!

I’m furiously matching deals now.  I was up late last night reading about the double coupon sale this week at Kmart, and today in the mail I find out its here in Cincinnati too!!!  Kmart is doubling ALL coupons up to $2!!!  That’s right, a $2 coupon is now worth $4!!  Deal runs Wednesday Oct 1st through Sunday Oct 5th!  There are a few rules, which my pal Melissa has posted over at SavingCentral.  Also, note NO overage will be given–the computers are either automatically adjusting or beeping.  IP’s are YMMV.  Their corporate policy says its up to the stores.  There’s also a $5/$50 coupon out there–sign up on Kmart’s website!  Off to the races!!

I’m potentially seeing cheap(er) diapers, possibly free olay products, toothpastes and $1 a bag halloween candy.  May even be free..give me a few to match the q’s up!!  Be back ASAP–I’ll be updating this as I find deals!

Q’s I see that may be a deal–these will double:

  • $1 off Any Tide–doubles and on sale so $3 after coupon. (ac)
  • $1 off any Pantene–doubles and on sale for $4 so $2 ac
  • $2 off Gilette shampoos and conditioner–doubles to $4 and on sale for $4, so FREE!
  • $2 Goodlife cat food–doubles to $4 and supposed to be $4.79 a bag, so .79 bag cat food!
  • ,75 off Kotex pantiliners — doubles to $1.50 and they are priced $1.29
  • .55 off Hefty OneZip–doubles to $1.10, if store carries travel pack Hefty OneZip, FREE!
  • $1 off Purex  softener
  • BOGO on Glade refills–no doubling, but they are producing $2 cats from what I hear–and the cats double on the next order!!  (Rules below on that deal)
  • $1 off Healthful Life cat food–doubles and bags are reported to be $1.99, so FREE!
  • $1.50 off Pampers
  • $2 off Pull Ups
  • $1 off Colgate
  • $1/2 candy q’s
  • $1/1 Juicy Juice (4/$10 sale–2.50 each, minus $2 doubled q=.50 for JJ fun packs)
  • $1 off Ban deodorant–doubles and is reported to be $2 at the store

From SD:

My understanding is that if you want the cats to double, you need 1 item for each cat and the item needs to 1) be at least $4 in price and 2) not already have another Q attached to it.