Not Friday’s Freebies….Friday Cheapies!

Its been a slow week battling bronchitis and I’m sorry that I haven’t posted much lately on freebies.

One or two deals I will mention….
1.  Pepsi.  Pepsi seems to be popular!  Its on sale this week at
Walgreens and Target.  Target has it for $3 a twelve pack, buy $15 of
Pepsi get a $5 gift card.  If you’re a Dr Pepper fan, it gets better–
they have $1 off peelies on them, so you can get 5 12 packs of Dr
Pepper for $10, plus the $5 gift card.  Walgreens is a good deal too.
Go to and print out a coupon for Sierra Mist 2 liters–
buy one get one free.  Mine was out of the Sierra Mist and I was able
to use it on the Pepsi.  The ad this week shows them $4/4, but instore
signs said $3/4, so I got two Pepsi 2 liters for under .50 each.  Next
week they’ll be on sale at CVS, along with an Extra Bucks deal.
2.  Target has .75 off Kraft cheese coupons on their website.  (go to
the bottom of the site, under SuperTarget or Grocery coupons.)  They
also have Kraft cream cheese on sale for $1 a box.  Combine with
coupon and they’re only .25 a box.  There are manufacturer coupons out
there too, I believe .30/3, so that brings it down even further.
Oh, and those same .75 off q works on the individual string cheese
too–they adjust it down to the price of the cheese, but its still
free string cheese!  I’ve gotten 20 so far…and yes, I’m nuts to
print and clip 20 coupons for 20 free string cheeses!  But hey, you do
what ya gotta do to please the kids, don’t ya?  😉
I’ve taken the down time to learn CVS tricks, and they have some GREAT
tricks.  So expect more CVS deals in the future!
Last, do NOT shop at  Its been a nightmare.  Three times
now I’ve ordered things from them, only to have them email me THREE
WEEKS LATER and cancel the order cause its out of stock.  Only thing
is, they’re still selling it on their website.  Three times since late September.   I’m not the only one,
either.  Google it, and you’ll find there are thousands of unhappy
customers.  And their answer when you complain–nothing.  They’ve been
downright rude to many people I know.  Also, be careful when they
advertise “original price.”  Often its 30-40 percent higher than any
price they’ve ever sold it at.  Kohl’s is notorious for this
practice.  All in all, their stores are good, but their internet site
is terrible.  Avoid it!