Everybody Loves Free!

Everybody loves FREE!!

Its not Friday but this definitely deserves a post. There are three deals here.

First, for free candy, head over to Kmart and use the coupon for a free bag of candy.

While at Kmart, use this coupon for a free Polly Pocket!

Then, drive to Target, and get free diapers after free gift card. (This is a post on how to do it, search that site for the coupons, or go to ebay and buy 20 $2 off pampers coupons for about $2. Note that some users are using two different manufacturer coupons with success–$2 off the diapers, and a buy one pampers get one kandoo free, to get the wipes for free too.) Then use another Polly Pocket coupon.

While you’re getting all these freebies, why don’t you pick up some extras, and donate them to your local church, shelter, toy drive, etc.

If you like these deals and want more, I’ve got a newsletter going now.  What I’ve posted here is just the tip of the iceberg.  It costs $5 a month, and you’ll get a newsletter every week by email listing all the deals I currently use.  Including–links to printable coupons, freebies, and deal matching so you know where the hottest free (or super dirt cheap) deals are!  Email me at LittleMissKnowitAll at majorshopaholic dot com if you want to sign up!

Have fun!