Deals R Us

Earlier this week I posted on a deals website called Slickdeals. Its a great resource for discounts and freebies. Another similar site would be Fatwallet, but it doesn’t seem to be as extensive as Slickdeals.

I have gotten a number of great deals lately using these two websites. I thought that instead of being stingy, I would begin to share the legitimate deals with you. So I’ve added a new category–Deals R Us. Check there weekly to see any deals I’ve spotted. I’ll have just one post per week, which I will update as new deals become available.

To start us off, here’s a couple of great ones: is offering three classic family board games for $15, including shipping. Purchase Monopoly Here and Now, Trouble and Life. Here and Now will be free, and Amazon will give you free shipping. There are also rebates available on these games, totalling $8, so after rebates your cost is only $8. These make great Christmas gifts!

Purchase anything at and use Google checkout for the first time to receive a $10 credit. The item must be at least $10 before shipping to qualify. They have a great deal on 2 gb micro-SD cards right now, $22 before google credit, making it $11, including shipping.

Music fans can get free Itunes for signing up for Ticketmaster’s Facebook site. They’ll give you 5 credits, and you can immediately unroll from the Ticketmaster group.

AT&T is offering free ringtones. Enter your telephone number and get your free code. I’ve found that I can enter any number, not just my cell number and get multiple codes.

Domino’s Pizza has a deal in some areas for a free medium 1 topping pizza. Enter the code ‘click’ under promotions to see if its available in your area.

Parents of preschoolers will appreciate the Letter Factory DVD from Leapfrog being on sale for $3 using code 5LD78 to get $5 off.

The Discovery Channel Store is offering $10 off a $10 or more purchase if you use Paypal when you check out.  Checkout their gel based ant farm–the gel is their habitat and food.  Its very cool and a show and tell favorite!

Cellhut is offering a $15 discount if you use Google Checkout.  Get a Razr phone pak (usb cord, earphone and case) for $3 with code D2BCEL

Last, I learned about Angel Food Ministries, a wonderful organization that sells boxes of food for $25. This is a week’s worth of food, worth about $50-$75 in groceries. There are meats, sides, breakfasts, lunches, the works. Everything is fresh or frozen, these are not cast offs, expired foods or low-quality. AFM seeks to increase the nutrition of families everywhere. Visit their site to see the dropoff location near you!