A Deal Hunters Paradise

I am cheap.  Have I ever mentioned that?  I am the coupon queen.  I never buy anything without looking for the better deal first.  When I decide to make a purchase, even small ones, I scour the internet looking for the absolute cheapest price I can find.  I usually am very generous in sharing the deals I’ve found–I often will let lots of people know about the great deals waiting for them at….fill in the blank.

But I’ve been selfish.  Stingy.  There’s a website I haven’t shared with anyone yet.  Just this week I’ve gotten three amazing deals.  I bought a 2 gig micro sd card for my new cell phone for $11, (normally $40) including shipping.  I bought a multi media card reader for $1.95, with free shipping.  And today I bought a George Foreman grill as a present, listed for $59 at other stores, for $12 at Kohl’s, including shipping.

But for you, my lovely readers, I will share my secret– Slickdeals.

Essentially, its a message board for deal-lovers.  I’ve gotten multiple free ringtones from AT&T, $5 shirts from Eddie Bauer, $30 giftcards from Kroger’s, and so on.  The people on the boards are serious deal-hunters–no so-so deals will do.  These are not complete an offer and get them free, these are straight up free deals or coupons.  And they do the footwork for you!  Simply check the front page daily for the best deals, then peruse the forums (hot deals or coupons) for other good ones.  If you have something you’re wanting to buy, use the search feature on the front page to search the forums.  I guarantee you’ll find a deal–haircuts, toothbrushes, prescriptions, tvs, computers, toys, clothes–you name it, someone’s posted a deal.  If you frequent Target, Walgreens or CVS, there are amazing women who ‘stack’ coupons and tell you how to do it, and which ones to use, and in what order, to get maximum discounts.  Coupons for restaurants and stores alike are usually posted there, you simply print and use.  I know I’ve read a post, printed a set of coupons, and walked out of a CVS with $100 of shampoos, medicines and groceries for $25, and a $50 Visa gift card.  I didn’t do any of the footwork–they did it all, I just followed in their footsteps.  This week I’m headed to Target for $5 Pull Ups diapers, normally $10 each.

And no, I do not get a kickback for this glowing review.  I’m just that big of a fan. 

Have fun, my lovelies!