Work at Home Jobs

I have the pleasure of being a stay at home mom.  I have two darlings, one in school full time, the other a two afternoons a week preschooler.   That schedule makes it very hard to have any kind of a “regular” job.  So I got creative, and I thought other moms might like to know how it works.  I’ve been asked hundreds of times how to do it, so I thought I’d post it here.  Feel free to add your own way of working from home.  However, let me add, this is NOT a recruiting page!  DO NOT comment with your contact info on how to join in selling Avon, jewelry, candles, etc.  But if you have a link to a group that work at home mothers can join, companies looking to hire, and so on, feel free to post.  In fact, PLEASE leave a comment with that information.  As good ideas are left in the comments, I will copy them into the body of this blog so everyone can see them.

One last comment–if you have to pay to work, be very wary.  Most likely its not for real!  Spammers and Scammers who comment will be deleted.

Ways I know of to make money from home:

1.  Blog.  This is not a lot of money at first.  Pennies a month, at first.  Blog writers sell advertising on their space (I use Google Adsense) and when readers click on the ads, the blogger gets paid.  It takes time to build it into anything that will make good money, but if you like to write and have something to say, it might be worth a shot!

2.  Customer Service.  I will list here companies I know that are hiring customer service agents to work from their homes.  I worked for West, aka WorkatHomeAgent, for the past year, and I really enjoyed it.  I left only when they switched formats and no longer employed agents in my neck of the woods.  I worked for Disney, for Proflowers, and for Virgin Mobile, doing the same work I would have done in their call centers, only from home.  I got paid by the minute–so if I received calls frequently, the pay was good.  If there was downtime between the calls, the pay wasn’t so good.  Some companies pay by the hour, some by the call, some by the minute.  Make sure to look at that when you sign up.  On average, I made between $8-$10 an hour, and worked between 10-20 hours a week.  I set my own schedule.  Training was not paid.  Basic requirements for this kind of work include a recent computer, a landline, high speed internet, and a headset.  Also very important is a quiet workspace! 

USA Today and Good Morning America have done quite a few stories on this subject.  The companies that I know of, have worked with or know someone who has, are:  West, Arise (formerly Willow), LiveOps, VIP Desk, Alpine Access, and 1-800-Flowers.  Arise is the company I am currently with.  They do charge for training, although right now their basic training is free.  They charge for training as their way of weeding out those who are not going to follow through.  But, many of the accounts offer bonuses for completing training that more than covers the amounts paid.

3.  Surveys and Panels.  Contact your local Market Research firm.  In our area that would be Qfact.  You can get paid to give people your opinion!  No, this is not sitting and clicking on questions all day long on your computer.  I know some people make money doing that, but I never have been able to.  Qfact and others will call you and ask you to participate in studies, and will pay you for your time.  I have done studies on cough medicine, toothpastes, diapers, music, and store product placement.  I get paid anywhere from $40 to $100 and more for my time–usually an hour or two.  I’ve even been an alternate–someone who sits in the waiting room to be a replacement for people who doesn’t show up for their study.  I’ve done that twice–both times getting paid $100 for sitting for an hour and a half.  Most places will not let you do too many studies in the same month or six months, but its a nice supplement to your pocketbook.  My local market research firm also provides childcare during the study.

 So, whatchya got to add?  How are you making money from home?